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This is the only Galapagos Islands tour that allows camping on the islands and we offer a range of adventure activities during our Galapagos Tours. You'll sea kayak around the Galapagos Islands and explore areas where cruises can not access. During your tour you'll enjoy Galapagos Islands hiking from experienced guides while visiting the beautiful mountain areas of the islands. You'll come in contact with wildlife, swim off of sunny beaches, and snorkel your way around new worlds.

Featured in the New York Times and winner of a National Geographic "Tours of a Lifetime," our Galapagos Islands Adventure is one you and your family will cherish.

Our itineraries take us to five islands that include a wealth of wildlife and ecosystems. Every journey is more than its destination, and we are thrilled to offer an experience in the Galapagos for those intrepid and indefatigable souls who come along with us.  Since availability and dates change constantly, we ask you to please contact us for further details - tollfree 1-800-616-1943 or 208-765-3116 or SKYPE.

Galapagos Tours

This Galapagos adventure trip is the first of its kind offered in this tropical archipelago, allowing you to see the wonderful wildlife of these islands "up close and personal" from behind a...

Designed for those of you who are sea kayak enthusiasts looking for a unique way to explore the incredible Galapagos Islands. The only land-based, sea kayak adventure available, this...