Guide's perspective: Sarah reports from the field

Posted on Wednesday, Aug 10th, 2011

Sarah's Report from the Field

As we mentioned in our last blog entry, the July 31st - August 5th trip to Johnstone Strait was a fantastic success.  Trip leader and long time SKA guide Sarah Hauser reported the following:

"Last week's trip to Johnstone Strait was packed full of wildlife and calm seas. Our first night out we had a visit from the Straitwatch girls and they chatted with us around the campfire with fresh baked dessert about what they do in the Johnstone strait educating people on the marine wildlife viewing guidelines. Another highlight would be the northern resident orcas that came right along the shore of our campsite and two of them came into the shallow waters of the beach just meters from us for a little rub on the pebbles.  Amazing!"