In February 1993 Terry Prichard and Nancy Mertz, after first meeting in Baja in February 1991 and working as sea kayak guides for many years in Baja and the Pacific Northwest, created Sea Kayak Adventures.  The winter season in Baja was a perfect complement to the summer work they did guiding whitewater rafting trips in Idaho for ROW Adventures.  Since then, Sea Kayak Adventures has created wilderness vacations for active, outdoor-minded travelers, by offering not only a combination of fun, challenge and excitement, but also inspiring adventures designed to rejuvenate your body and spirit.  They wanted to share our love of nature with others in our own way; through meeting great people, kayaking close to whales and sleeping under the stars and they've done just that. Sea Kayak Adventures is all about going to beautiful places to get away from it all, learning new skills, having once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters, meeting great people and introducing you to an eco-friendly way of travel.   Being so intimate with nature is an incredible experience and one they were excited to share.

As Sea Kayak Adventures grew, Nancy and Terry searched out other destinations that offered superb kayaking coupled with whale watching and a pristine environment.  This led them to add adventures to British Columbia, Canada's Johnstone Strait in 1996.  This is THE best place on the planet to be 99% sure to see orcas from a kayak.  The Sea Kayak Adventure basecamp in the Johnstone Strait is the most-desired location in the area and it is not uncommon to see orcas swim within 20-40' of the camp!

As time went on, Sea Kayak Adventures grew, as did the reputation for offering the highest quality sea kayaking trips available.  Along with this growth the responsibilities grew and Terry and Nancy found ourselves having less time to get out on the water and do what they enjoyed most.  So they began discussing retirement this with their good friends Betsy Bowen and Peter Grubb who own ROW Adventures, one of the world's premier adventure travel companies. In the summer of 2012, Sea Kayak Adventures officially joined the ROW Adventures family of companies.

Peter Grubb, Besty Bowen, Terry Prichard and Nancy Mertz