A Baja Bubble JourneyTM 

Our Bubble JourneysTM are designed for small groups who want to travel privately. You choose your dates and who you want to travel with. Our trips are led by our friendly and knowledgeable guides who open doors to exclusive and often spontaneous experiences of discovery.  These trips are perfect for couples, families, or a group of friends.

Explore the Baja Peninsula from Loreto to Cabo

Baja is filled with hidden treasures awaiting your discovery!  Join us as we explore empty beaches, adobe villages, mountain trails, and the azure waters that surround the peninsula.  This is a trip that immerses you in the history and nature of Baja, brought to life through the eyes of locals who revel in sharing the passion of their home.  This journey is a carefully concocted mix of sea kayaking, hiking, culinary delights, and historic revelation!

Images & Videos

islands of loreto bay national park
San Javier Mission in Baja California Sur
kayaker in islands of loreto bay national marine park
two people swimming with large whale shark
rock formation in baja
puffer fish baja
fresh tacos baja
hiking steinbeck canyon in baja
sea kayak in baja mexico
road in baja
kayakers in baja near pelicans
hikers in baja
kayaking near Loreto baja
snorkelers in baja
kayak in loreto bay marine park
san javier mission baja
local merchant in Loreto, Baja
snorkeling in cabo plumo
aerial view of cabo pulmo national park
road to cabo pulmo national park
islands of loreto bay national park
San Javier Mission in Baja California Sur
kayaker in islands of loreto bay national marine park
two people swimming with large whale shark
rock formation in baja
puffer fish baja
fresh tacos baja
hiking steinbeck canyon in baja
sea kayak in baja mexico
road in baja
kayakers in baja near pelicans
hikers in baja
kayaking near Loreto baja
snorkelers in baja
kayak in loreto bay marine park
san javier mission baja
local merchant in Loreto, Baja
snorkeling in cabo plumo
aerial view of cabo pulmo national park
road to cabo pulmo national park


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Day 1

Arrive in Loreto, Evening Dinner with Guides

Fly to Loreto, Baja California Sur.  Nonstop flights available via Alaska Airlines from Los Angeles, American Airlines from Phoenix and Dallas/Fort Worth and Westjet from Calgary.  Other options are available via the Tijuana Airport using the Cross Border Bridge crossing. Transfer from the airport to the lovely seaside town of Loreto!  Settle in before we gather for a welcome dinner. 

Please see our Baja Travel Guide for full details on travel to and from Baja.

ACCOMMODATION : Boutique Hotel, Loreto

Day 2

There are several options for the next two days which gives us flexibility to work with whatever weather may present itself.  We have hiking and sea kayaking options to choose from, as well as a boat excursion.  Options include:

Hiking in Tabor Canyon aka Steinbeck Canyon

Hiking in Tabor Canyon aka Steinbeck Canyon – A short drive from Loreto takes us to a narrow canyon that leads into the Sierra La Giganta mountains. This is a moderate hike inside a beautiful arroyo where your naturalist guide illuminates the mysteries of this desert ecosystem. 

The renowned author John Steinbeck loved Baja and in 1940, traveled here aboard a boat, the Western Flyer, with his friend and Baja mentor, biologist Edward F. Ricketts (who is best known to readers as “Doc” in Cannery Row and other books). As they sailed south, they stopped at Puerto Escondido, just south of Loreto where they were invited by locals to hike into the rugged Sierra la Giganta.  Steinbeck wrote: “After a short climb we emerged on a level place in a deep cleft in the granite mountains. In this cleft a tiny stream of water fell hundreds of feet from pool to pool. There were palm trees and wild grapevines and large ferns, and the water was cool and sweet. This little stream, coming from so high up in the mountains and falling so far, never had the final dignity of reaching the ocean.”
We enjoy a simple picnic lunch next to the small creek in the canyon as we relish the scenery around us. We descend back towards the coast and return to Loreto.

Snorkeling & Swim Tour to Isla Coronado 

There are two ways we can run this fun day to visit Isla Coronado.  One is by traveling on a small fishing boat from Loreto to the island.  The other, for more active folks, is to kayak to the island, crossing about 2 miles from the mainland.  Either way, we arrive at this classic volcanic island with expansive white-sand beaches, a sea lion colony and colorful snorkeling. 

Part of the Loreto Bay National Marine Park, your naturalist guide shares their knowledge of the flora and fauna.  Snorkeling in the Gulf of California is a treat and you are likely to see 20-30 species of fish, or more, depending on your observation skills.  During some months we provide a light wetsuit, while at other times of year the water is warm enough that this isn’t necessary.

We have a picnic lunch on the island, walk on the beach and then later in the afternoon, return by panga or kayak to the mainland and Loreto.

Kayaking Towards Isla Danzante and Punta Coyote 

Sea kayakers come from around the world to paddle the turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez.  Today you enjoy a wonderful introduction into the world of sea kayaking.  We launch about 30 minutes south of Loreto and paddle east towards Isla Danzante, another one of the islands included in the Loreto Bay National Marine Park.  After a short orientation and kayak safety talk, we paddle into the warm waters, protected by the towering Sierra La Giganta mountains to the west.  We paddle a couple of hours to Punta Coyote where we stop for lunch and a short hike to view cactus and other desert plants.  It’s an idyllic cove where snorkeling is another great option. During the months of February and March, there is also the possibility of seeing blue whales and at any time of year, we may see dolphins and always, plenty of seabirds. We paddle back to our launch point and return to Loreto for the evening.

ACCOMMODATION : Boutique Hotel, Loreto
MEALS INCLUDED : Lunch, Dinner

Day 3

Do one of the activities today that we did not do yesterday.  Having some flexibility means we can choose the best weather day for the kayaking or the Isla Coronado tour. 
At the end of the activity return to Loreto for dinner and overnight.

ACCOMMODATION : Boutique Hotel, Loreto
MEALS INCLUDED : Lunch, Dinner

Day 4

San Javier and South to LaPaz 

We leave Loreto and drive about an hour from sea level to 1400’ (420 meters) above sea level to the small town of San Javier.  Climbing into the mountains is a dramatic scenery change and soon we arrive at the small, palm-fringed town. We explore on foot, visiting the historic San Javier Mission, built in 1744.  The first mission in the area was built in the town of Loreto in 1697, but a lack of water caused the Jesuits to move the location inland to San Javier.

After a peaceful exploration of the town and church, we drive a little further inland to see some of the prehistoric rock art of the region and enjoy lunch at a local ranch.  We then return to the main highway near the coast and begin our 3.5 hour drive south to Baja Sur’s capitol city of La Paz.  On arrival in the late afternoon we check into our accommodations, then walk to dinner.

ACCOMMODATION : Hotel 7 Crowns El Centro
MEALS INCLUDED : Lunch, Dinner

Day 5

Swim with Whale Sharks, El Triunfo

We depart early for an amazing experience to swim with whale sharks!  These giant yet gentle creatures live in the waters near La Paz most of the year.  We head out in a small motorboat to find the whale sharks, and slip quietly into the water with our fins, mask and snorkel.  It’s a real thrill to swim alongside these gentle giants for an intimate view. 

We have a simple but delicious lunch on the boat and then return to town by mid-afternoon.  We drive about an hour west, into a subrange of the Sierra La Laguna, the Sierra la Victoria.  We arrive at the small town of El Triunfo, once a bustling mining town where silver was king. We learn about the development of mining in the region as we explore.

ACCOMMODATION : Cabanas El Triunfo
MEALS INCLUDED : Lunch, Dinner

Day 6

Mining Village Tour, San Antonio

In the morning we wander among the ruins of the old silver mine, including La Ramona, a 150’ (50 meter) high smokestack that was part of the smeltering operation.  We then begin a hike to the nearby village called San Antonio. The hike is 4.5 miles with an elevation gain of about 403’ until above the town of San Antonio, then followed by a 679’ drop to the main plaza of the town.  

After walking the village streets, we join our local friends for lunch in a village home.  It’s a chance to learn more about village life in the mountains of Baja and traditional Baja cooking.  The town is slowly nurturing thoughtful tourism and we are proud to support their efforts.

Back on the road, we drive about 45 minutes south to an area of rural haciendas near the village of Santiago.  We arrive and settle into our basic evening accommodations.

ACCOMMODATION : Local Ranchero
MEALS INCLUDED : Lunch, Dinner

Day 7

Hiking, Cabo Plumo National Marine Park

This morning we have the choice of a couple of different hikes through a boulder-strewn landscapes to magical pools of water for swimming.  If the weather is cool and/or we’re feeling lazy, there is also a natural hot spring we could drive to.  We either picnic lunch or enjoy lunch at a local ranch.  

After lunch we continue driving another hour or so to Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park.  This Park was established in 1995 and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. It is considered one of the world’s most successful reef ecosystem restorations ever since its protection in 1995.

Located 62 miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas, the Park spans a distance of about 5 miles from Pulmo Point to Los Frailes Cape and is home to one of the most biodiverse areas in the entire Mexican Pacific including the Gulf of California.  It is home to one of only three coral reefs on the west coast of North America. The reef here is the oldest of the three Pacific reefs, estimated at some 20,000 years. Of the 14 different coral species described in the Gulf of California, 11 of them can be found here. The protected waters of the Park function as a immense refuge area, feeding grounds and reproduction and nurturing area for a number of marine organisms.

We stay in the small village and learn more about how this former fishing village has transformed itself into a prime tourist destination for those seeking to explore the magnificent marine environment. 

MEALS INCLUDED : Lunch, Dinner

Day 8

Snorkeling, Return to Cabo San Lucas

After breakfast we head to the sea to snorkel in this underwater world of biodiversity.  Colorful fish, corrals and other sea creatures await. There are some 875 species that live in these waters including 226 species of reef fishes and 154 of marine invertebrates.  If lucky, you may also see dolphins, sea turtles and rays.

After lunch, we drive south to Cabo San Lucas about 2 hours.  We spend our last evening together with a festive farewell dinner.

MEALS INCLUDED : Lunch, Dinner

Dates & Rates

Supplementary Information

Daily Departures available for private groups November through May:

2    People $3500 per person
3-4 People $3100 per person
5-8  People $2600 per person

Single Supplement: If you are a solo traveler and wish to have your own hotel room an additional single supplement of $355.00 is required.    Please inquire at time of booking if you have any questions.

Where there are options we have based these prices on mid range accommodations.  Should you wish a higher grade hotel or private rental accommodation we are happy to provide a quote.  Please just ask your adventure consultant.

Tour Includes:

  • Full services of our Adventure Consultants
  • Professional bi-lingual guide
  • All meals and beverages as indicated on the itinerary
  • Hotel accommodations between activities as dictated by the itinerary
  • All transportation while on tour
  • All kayaking, camping and snorkeling equipment
  • All entrance fees and National Park fees
  • Taxes

Tour Does Not Include:

  • Airfare
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Hotel accommodations before and after tour
  • Gratuities
  • Items of a personal nature

ALL PRICES IN US DOLLARS. We will do our best to adhere to the itineraries and trip descriptions listed on our website. However, tour itineraries or sub contractors (such as taxi, cruise boats or hotels) may change slightly due to reasons beyond our control including but not limited to Acts of God, wind, waves, inclement weather or other. We always welcome you to call us to clarify any item - often this is the best way to fully clarify expectations - call us collect or on our toll-free number. You will be sent pre-trip email with latest details within a month of your tour - it is your responsibility to check in with us prior to your trip to see if you have all the information you need. We will always do our best to provide you with the best possible tour and to fully meet your expectations to the best of our ability.


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FAQ & More

How do I get to Loreto?

Please see our Baja Travel Guide for full details on travel to and from Baja.

Do you provide transportation to and from the airport?

Airport transfers are not included in your tour package price.

Are your tour prices in USD?

Yes, all of our tour pricing is in US Dollars.

What’s included in this tour package? What’s not included?

Packages Include: Hotel accommodations in between activities only, all paddling and camping equipment, all snorkeling gear, all meals and beverages once the tour begins, all National Parks & Biosphere Reserve access fees required by itinerary, bi-lingual certified Guides and the full service of our Adventure Consultants. Dates provided reflect your arrival date; all packages include an arrival and departure day.

Packages do not Include: Airfare, transportation to and from airport, Hotel accommodations before and after tour, gratuities, $25 National Parks & Biosphere Reserves access fees required by itinerary, and items of a personal nature.

When is the best time to go & see whales?

Our Combo tours are offered late January through mid-March, when the gray whales are present in Magdalena Bay to calve. We GUARANTEE gray whale sightings on our combo tours! This time of year in Baja can have cooler days (75-80*F/23-27*C) and a chance of wind, with temperatures rising in late February and March. As an added bonus to spring trips, the islands of Loreto National Marine Park, located in the Sea of Cortez (where you will kayak), are home for 6 different species of whales including Blue, Fin, Sei, Humpback, Bryde's and Pilot whales. They swim up into the Sea of Cortez from late January through April. There are few other places that harbor such a concentration and diversity of whales.

What kind of kayaks do you use?

For all of our Baja tours we use high quality, fiberglass kayaks, made by Seward. The majority of our fleet is comprised of tandems, as these boats offer the greatest stability, speed, and ease of paddling. There are typically a small number of single kayaks present on the tour, which will be utilized by the guides. Depending on weather conditions, and interest, they may allow guests to rotate into singles; however this will be at the guide's' discretion based on safety and the paddling objectives for the day. We also have a limited number of solo kayaks available to reserve and use throughout the trip (for an additional cost) for paddlers who have ocean kayaking experience.

Are your kayak trips motorboat supported?

Yes, if at any time a guest does not want to paddle they are welcome to ride in the panga instead.

Can I paddle a single kayak?

We have single kayaks available to reserve and use throughout the trip (for an additional cost of $100) for paddlers who have previous ocean paddling experience. If you would like to reserve a single kayak for your trip you will need to contact our Adventure Consultants to add this to your reservation and provide a summary of your ocean paddling experience.

What are the physical requirements for this trip?

When stopping at shore, you should be able to climb in and out of the kayaks on your own. They will be floating in calf-deep water. Your guides are happy to assist, but balance and limberness are required. When you get to your evening campsite, all group members must to be able to help carry the kayaks above the high tide line, in teams of 6-8, before the group disperses. You will change camp sites almost every night, but may have a layover day. Camp sites are assigned by the National Park Service immediately prior to the tour.

What’s camp like? Are there toilets and showers at camp?

During the kayaking portion of the tour, you will paddle to a new campsite almost every day but may have a layover day.  Campsites are assigned by the National Park Service immediately prior to the tour. We endeavor to secure the very best campsites for the natural beauty and amenities of the area. Your guides will give a demonstration of how to set up and take down your provided dome tent. We also will provide you with a sleeping bag, liner sheet, pillow and an inflatable thermarest sleeping pad. There will be a kitchen/dining area and shade tarps where you can sit back and relax. While kayaking, we can only carry enough fresh water for drinking and cooking. There are no fresh water sources on most of the coastline and islands we visit. You can clean up with saltwater and soap off above the high tide line, or bring disposable shower wipes. A porta potty will fit into a hatch of the kayak or on the panga support boat, and will be transported to each campsite and set into a sheltered area for solid waste. Liquid waste can be expelled below the high tide line, or in a separate porta-potty bucket.

While on the whale watching portion of the tour, you will stay at our exclusive base camp located on a sand-dune barriers island. Our whale camp has pre-assembled roomy full-height wall tent with two cots, night stand, rectangular sleeping bag with clean sheet, small pillow, and comfortable self-inflating pad are provided for your convenience at camp. There is also a washroom tent with a portable toilet. We recommend packing biodegradable shower wipes to freshen up with as there is no fresh water at whale camp.

What gear do I need?

Sea Kayak Adventures will provide you with a detailed packing list prior to your trip. We provide all of the necessary camping, paddling and snorkeling equipment, which you will need to fully enjoy your adventure. If you have any questions, or need help deciding what to bring, you can call or e-mail one of our friendly Adventure Consultants at any time for some extra advice!

Who will my guides be?

We know your Guide will make the biggest difference on your trip! Which is why we pride ourselves on employing only the best local guides for all of the incredible locations that we visit. Part of this is to support our eco-tourism efforts, but we also believe that there is no better way to experience a new destination than through they eyes of a local! We find talented and skilled local guides, train and certify them, and provide a positive and consistent source of income to them and their families. Most of our guides are with us for the long-term, despite the seasonal nature of the industry.

What kind of food will I eat? Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Our renowned wilderness meals are prepared daily by our guides using local, fresh, healthy ingredients. In Baja you can expect an authentic dining experience, with savory dishes like chiles rellenos, tostadas, ceviche, and chicken mole. We even serve delicious desserts like brownies and pineapple upside-down cake! Each morning, we serve up freshly brewed coffee or tea. Throughout the day we provide an abundance of local fruits, vegetables, and other snacks. Wine and mixed drinks are served with hors d’oeuvres each evening for happy hour.

We do our best to accommodate special dietary requests, working within the parameters of the destinations in which we operate. If you have a very strict diet, we recommend packing extra snacks that you know you can eat.

What’s the weather like in Baja?

Please check out this great website Weather Underground for temperature averages in Baja.

Is there a single supplement fee for solo travelers?

Our tour costs are based on double occupancy on any included hotel nights. Solo travelers who would like their own single hotel room can pay a single supplement or can be matched up with another solo traveler of the same gender if one is available and willing to share. If we are unable to pair you with another solo traveler, we must apply the single supplement charge to cover our hotel costs. Solo travelers will always have their own tent during kayaking tours, and will typically have their own tent at whale camp, both at no additional cost.  However, we are unable to guarantee individual tents at whale camp due to limited tent capacity.  If you are asked to share a tent at our whale camp, rest assured that tents are very spacious, full-height canvas wall tents, with two cots and plenty of room to stand and maneuver around your tent-mate without difficulty.

Is there a deposit required? Is my deposit refundable?

A deposit of $500 per person is required within 10 days of your reservation to hold your spaces. If the tour you are signing up for is a confirmed departure your deposit is non-refundable. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance to protect your vacation investment. US residents may purchase travel insurance directly through ROW Sea Kayak Adventures offered by Travel Insured International.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you find it necessary to cancel your trip, you should notify ROW Sea Kayak Adventures in writing, by e-mail or fax immediately. If written cancellation is received (call to verify) before the final balance is due, you will be given a refund less the amount of deposit. Deposits are not refundable. If cancellations are made on or after the final due date, no money will be refunded. If you are unable to go on the trip, you are welcome to find a replacement for yourself. Please understand that once you've signed up, we are unable to sell your reserved space to other individuals or groups. Therefore, we regret that we cannot make exceptions for personal emergencies. For this reason we strongly recommend you consider purchasing a Travel Protection Plan to protect your vacation investment.

When is payment in full due?

Full payment is due 60 days prior to the launch date, as indicated on your invoice. Due to the high demand for these trips, please be sure to pay your balance on time so as to not jeopardize your reservation. Your final payment must be paid by check or bank draft in US funds.  Alternatively, you may pay your final balance with a credit card, but a 3% administrative fee will be added.

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