Kayaking Baja

Sea kayaking along the coast of Baja, California, is a dream of many paddlers.  Dramatic mountains fall into the brilliantly-turquoise waters of the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez, one of the world’s healthiest and most pristine marine ecosystems.  Here, gorgeous white-sand beaches make for idyllic camps while crystalline waters provide stunning snorkeling opportunities.  It’s a soul-nourishing, peaceful place filled with life.  Underwater is a host of brightly covered fish.  Often as we kayak we see dolphins, porpoises and mantas.  From January to April we also often get to watch whales of different types including blue whales, fin and even orcas! It's easy to see why kayaking Baja should be on every paddler's bucket list. 

We also offer sea kayaking on the Pacific Coast side of Baja where massive sand dunes meet crashing surf.  Our paddling is in the protected lagoons, where gray whales also visit to calve and nurse their young.  Trips here are easily combined with our whale watching camp and our hiking adventures to the prehistoric cave paintings of Baja.

Sea kayaking is the main activity on these trips, but there is also time to hike in the desert environment and learn about the plants and animals that make this home.  Sea Kayak Adventures has been operating in Baja, California, since 1993 and we remain one the oldest, most experienced Baja sea kayak companies around.  We have offices in both Loreto and La Paz and all our guides and staff are local.

Our Baja kayaking trips in the Gulf of California take place from either the small town of Loreto, next to the Islands of Loreto National Park, or from the capital city of La Paz. We have trips as short as 3-days/2 nights and as long as 6 days/5-nights.

Sea Kayak Baja

Loreto-Based Sea Kayaking Adventures

One of our most popular trips combines either 3 or 5 days of kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, with 3 days at our whale watching camp in Magdalena Bay, or San Ignacio Lagoon.  All of these trips are suitable for first-time kayakers, but will also be fulfilling for those with experience.

For more experienced sea kayakers, we have several fantastic options.  Near Loreto, and also in the Bay of Loreto National Park is Carmen Island where we offer a trip that circumnavigates the island.  Another good choice, for those seeking a more challenging kayaking tour in the Sea of Cortez, is our Loreto to La Paz adventure.  For those who would like to see this spectacular coast, we have an easier paddling trip in the opposite direction, island hopping our way from La Paz to Loreto.

La Paz-Based Sea Kayaking Tours

Our other base is located in the capital of Baja Sur, La Paz.  A tranquil city with a beautiful waterfront, La Paz is just 2 ½ hours north of the Cabo San Lucas airport, so is easy to get to.  About 10 miles offshore is the legendary Espiritu Santo Island with dozens of crenulated coves and protected kayaking waters.  We offer a 5-day trip here that is ideal for sea kayakers of all abilities, including families.  The island also offers great hiking, snorkeling and incredible scenery.  One of the highlights of these trips is the chance to snorkel and swim with young sea lions at a sea lion rookery.  One of the most popular Baja sea kayaking trips, with easy access via Cabo San Lucas, there is more human activity here than on some of our other locations.

Just north of La Paz is the island of San Jose.  In the fall and late spring, when winds are generally low, this is an island paradise for sea kayakers.  Very few people come here, so it offers an outstanding wilderness experience, set beneath a backdrop of towering mountains that are on the mainland of Baja.  Bountiful fish and marine creatures make for rewarding snorkeling.  The island has a number of hiking trails to, that pass through arroyos of cactus and desert plants.  For those seeking a trip during some of the warmer months with few other paddlers around, our 6-day Isla San Jose kayak tours are ideal!

Before or after your Baja sea kayaking tour, we recommend you join us to swim with whale sharks!  Our half-day tours are a fabulous way to view these magnificent, harmless animals, close up.  It’s a real thrill to be swimming along side these wide-mouthed creatures as they feed on plankton and tiny sea life.

Baja Pacific Coast Paddling

Magdalena Bay is a beautiful and protected body of water sandwiched between islands of sand dunes and mainland Baja.  In early spring, when the gray whales are around, we offer our Magical Magdalena Bay whale-watching and sea kayaking tour that combines a night in our whale camp, two whale watching sessions and a 5-day/4-night sea kayaking trip.  We camp in beautiful sand dunes as we paddle south in the bay.  There’s time for beachcombing, birdwatching, amazing sunrises and sunsets and plenty of camaraderie along the way.  Because we are paddling in protected waters, it’s very rare that wind events interfere with our paddling.  We usually don’t see any other sea kayaking groups in this area, giving this trip a real sense of remoteness.  Trips start and end from the town of Loreto.

Which Trip Would be Best for Me?

When considering which trip would suit you best, here are some questions to consider:

  • How long of a trip do you want?
  • Where are you traveling from?
  • What time of year is best for you?
  • How many miles do you want to paddle each day?
  • Is hiking important to you?
  • Is snorkeling an activity you want to do?

We’re happy to discuss this with you by phone, chat or email!  With our wide variety of Baja sea kayak tours, we’re bound to have the perfect match so you can find yourself kayaking Baja before you know it.