Day Tours in Baja California Sur

Baja California is a fascinating place and an adventurers' dream; offering a vast array of activities, history, art, and culinary pursuits.  While many think of Baja only as Cabo San Lucas or Cabo San Jose, the reality is much different.  It’s a huge peninsula, 760 miles (1223 km) long and 25-150 miles (40-240 km)  wide with mountains over 10,000’ (3000 meters), and six major mountain ranges in total.  Within these mountains are many small towns and villages that see very few travelers compared to the coastal settlements, yet offer much of interest. 

The majority of visitors to Baja fly to Cabo and stay there.  While it is certainly a beautiful area, it is very much worthwhile to travel to other parts of Baja.  The city of La Paz, which is the capital of the State of Baja Sur, is just over two hours to the north.  At a minimum do your best to make a visit there.  You can go there and back in a day, but better to go and stay a night or two.

One of the most popular activities in La Paz is to swim with whale sharks.  These gentle giants are a thrill to see and there are very few places in the world where you can both see them and swim with them.

In the mountains known as the Sierra de la Laguna to the north of Cabo San Lucas and Cabo San Jose, are small villages and clear streams running through granite canyons.  There is a fascinating history of silver mining in the area as well.  There are tours that explore this area and give you a much better and holistic understanding of the Baja peninsula.

To the northeast of Cabo San Lucas and Cabo San Jose, on the Sea of Cortez, is Cabo Pulmo, National Park.  The Park was formed in 1995 to protect the coral reefs of the area.  The protection has been wildly successful and this led to the designation, in 2005, of Cabo Pulmo National Park as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is the most biodiverse area in the Sea of Cortez. Snorkeling and diving here among the reefs where over 850 species live, is a real highlight of any Baja Sur vacation.

Many of our Sea Kayak Adventures activities take place in coastal areas near La Paz and Loreto on the Gulf of California, as well as on the Pacific Coast side of Baja near Lopez Mateos. However, we also have many trips that explore the interior, such as our hiking trip to see the gigantic wall murals with local cowboys and our one-day Mining History and Village Life tour that explores the mining towns of El Triumfo and San Antonio, located between Cabo and La Paz.  We have an entire series of trips designed for couples, families, and groups of friends that we call our Bubble Journeys™ designed to be private experiences led by our expert bilingual Baja guides.

As a complement to our marine-focused Baja sea kayaking trips and Baja whale watching tours, we also offer a rich collection of half and full-day tours that are stand-alone adventures or can be easily added as an extension to any of our adventures.  

Baja Bubble JourneysTM

Our exciting new series of trips designed for groups of 2 to 8 people so you can travel in your own bubble!  These trips combine the best of Baja's coast and hidden interior villages where it seems life has stood still. 

Custom & Private Baja Tours

With over 25 years of experience operating tours in Baja, our team has all the resources needed to design custom Baja tours for those who want a trip that fits their own schedule and specific interests.  These range from a day to over a week!  Below are our standard one-day Baja tour options. After all, if you've traveled all the way to Baja it would be a shame to miss these incredible experiences.

Loreto Day Tours

  • San Javier Mission 
  • Isla Coronado Skiff and Snorkel
  • Blue and Fin Whale Watching
  • 1-2 Day Magdalena Bay Whale Watching
  • Steinbeck Canyon Hiking Tour
  • One-Day Kayak Adventure
  • Two-Day Kayak Adventure
  • 2-Day Mountain Missions & Village Oasis

LaPaz Day Tours

  • Whale Shark Swimming and Snorkel with optional sea lion rookery visit
  • Mining History and Village Life of Baja 
  • One-Day Kayak Adventure
  • 2+ Day Magdalena Bay Whale Watching
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