Baja California is a fascinating place and an adventurers' dream; offering a vast array of activities, history, art, and culinary pursuits.  While many think of Baja only as Cabo San Lucas or Cabo San Jose, the reality is much different.  It’s a huge peninsula, 760 miles (1223 km) long and 25-150 miles (40-240 km)  wide with mountains over 10,000’ (3000 meters) and six major mountain ranges in total.  Within these mountains are many small towns and villages that see very few travelers compared to the coastal settlements, yet offer much of interest. 

While most of our Sea Kayak Adventures activities take place in coastal areas, we also have trips that explore the interior, such as our hiking trip to see the gigantic wall murals with local cowboys and our one day Communities and Mining History tour that explores the mining towns of El Triumfo and San Antonio, located near La Paz.  

As a complement to our marine-focused Baja sea kayaking trips and Baja whale-watching tours, we also offer several half and full-day tours that are easily added as an extension to any of our adventures.  We are also able to design custom Baja tours for those who want a trip that fits their own schedule and specific interests.  Below are our standard one-day Baja tour options. After all, if you've traveled all the way to Baja it would be a shame to miss these incredible experiences.

Loreto Day Tour Options

  • San Javier Mission 
  • Isla Coronado Skiff and Snorkel
  • Blue and Fin Whale Watching
  • 1-2 Day Magdalena Bay Whale Watching

LaPaz Day Tour Options

  • Whale Shark Snorkel
  • Mining History and Village Life of Baja 
  • 2+ Day Magdalena Bay Whale Watching
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Add any of these day-trip options before or after your sea kayaking or whale watching trip to create your perfect Baja vacation.

We offer trip extensions in both Loreto and LaPaz to compliment your multi-day sea kayaking and whale watching tours. While you can choose to add on any options to your tour, please keep in mind that Loreto and LaPaz are roughly 5-6 hours apart by bus or car and have limited connecting flight options.