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Baja Reading List

Sea Kayak Adventures Recommended Baja Reading List

If you're looking for an inspiring read to cozy up with this winter, or you're preparing for your upcoimng Baja tour, we have a wealth of recommendations specific to Baja.

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What to Wear Sea Kayaking - Part 2

Gear & Clothing Strategies for Cold Weather Kayaking

One of the greatest things about kayaking is the fact that it is a watersport that can be done in a wide variety of weather conditions.

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What to Wear Sea Kayaking - Part 1

Gear & Clothing Strategies for Warm Weather Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the outdoor activities that is growing massively in popularity these days. Especially as winter settles in here in North America, the idea of heading somewhere warm for a kayak trip in the sun, with clear blue water, bright sandy beaches and beautiful sunshine sounds amazing right now.

Gear Every Sea Kayaker Should Own

Essential Sea Kayaking Gear

A sea kayak offers its paddler a close-up and intimate experience with water. It moves at a pace that allows your mind to absorb sounds, smells, and in some cases tastes that clarify the moment.

Remote road in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Is Travel to Baja California Safe?

The question of safety is at the top of many people’s minds now, as the Coronavirus pandemic continues, and the world of travel is topsy-turvy.  As of September 2020, there are still many countries with sealed borders and many others who are only letting in certain nationalities.

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Top Whale Watching Spots in Baja, California

During the months of January through April, Baja is likely the world’s best place for whale watching!  There are so many species to see, including humpbacks, blue, minke, orca, fin, Bryde’s, sperm, sei, and the iconic gray whales of the eastern Pacific.  Of these, the most commonly seen whales in the Sea of Cortez are blue, humpback, orca, and fin.

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History of Magdalena Bay, Baja

Stretching along the west coast of Baja California Sur lies Magdalena Bay or Bahía de Magdalena. This magnificent wetland ecosystem is protected from the powerful waves of the Pacific Ocean by the barrier islands of Isla Santa Margarita and Isla Magdalena.

Recipes from Camp (or Home): Guacamole

Something that I really enjoy doing now that we are staying home is creating delicious meals in my Baja kitchen. One of the most important rooms in a Mexican home is the kitchen because that’s where we create amazing dishes that will nourish our body and soul.