Nancy just flew home from Port McNeill after a pre-season meeting with Terry and our BC guides - we are super excited for the season to begin with such a great team in place! The area is as stunning as ever with still plenty of snow on the BC coastal mountains to serve as our backdrop of paddling the waters of northern Inside Passage. Some of our favorite things to check out traveling to or from BC's northern Vancouver Island: 1) Bill Reid's Jade Canoe sculpture at the Vancouver International Airport is the size of a VW bus and the airport's focal feature. 2) Tim Horton's restaurant chain (lovingly called Timmy's) is the coffee/breakfast sandwich/donut place beloved by BC folks of all walks of life. 3) The Whale Interpretive Centre/Museum at Telegraph Cove 4) Umista Cultural Centre - Alert Bay - if you have an extra day in Port McNeill 5) Half day or full day orca cruises with Stubbs Island or Bill Mackay

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cedar rainforest in british columbia

How to get to Port McNeill, British Columbia

Getting to Port McNeill, British Columbia

Perched on the northern shores of Vancouver Island, Port McNeill is a small town that’s home to just over 2,600 people. During the summer months, these numbers swell with travelers passing through on adventure-based tours to explore the stunning landscapes of British Columbia. 

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Is It Safe to Kayak With Orcas in British Columbia?

Is It Safe to Kayak With Orcas in British Columbia?

The scientific name for orca whales, Orcinus orca, literally translates to “Demon of the Deep.” In English, they are most commonly known as killer whales. Both names suggest that they are dangerous animals, to be feared, and kept at a safe distance.