It was an amazing trip up in God's Pocket this week with a great group of people.  Highlights included a sea otter sighting and our host Bill playing with a giant pacific octopus (click here to see the octopus video)!  We saw some amazing wildlife including a humpback whale, porpoises, and seals.  During the trip we circumnavigated several islands, and visited an ancient First Nation's midden.  Mid-week we hiked to Harlequin Bay to view the old-growth cedar trees, and later paddled to the Scarlett Point Lighthouse for a tour led by the lighthouse keeper. Perfect paddling weather, just a bit of rain and no wind all week.  We capped off our trip with an amazing night paddle in the bio-luminescence.  Everybody enjoyed the incredible meals prepared by Shona, especially her baking!  It's back to the gym and cottage cheese.

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