Enjoy warm snorkeling weather and calm waters in Baja: October & November Trips

As autumn begins to chill the air this year, leave your coat and mittens behind and join Sea Kayak Adventures for our first trips of the season in beautiful, sunny Baja.  October and November offer the warm waters for snorkeling and perfect paddling weather with calm winds for kayakers. Loreto, the city from which we launch our tours, was named by the New York Times as #8 of "The 41 Places to Go" in 2011!

This photo was taken in October of 2010.  In addition to amazing weather, check out our stellar Special Offers page. We have an Early Bird Incentive: book by September 20th, 2011 to receive FREE rental snorkel gear your trip. But don't wait too long! If you would like to make your own memories in this idyllic setting, give us a call TODAY to secure the last seats on the following trips:

Oct 25 - Nov 5, 2011: Loreto to La Paz Oct 30 - Nov 4: 6-day Sea of Cortez tour Oct 30 - Nov 6: 8-day Sea of Cortez tour Nov 13-20, 2011: 8-day Sea of Cortez tour

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