In view of headlines about violence along the U.S. border, many people are wondering about the safety of visiting Mexico. Keep in mind that Mexico is a big and diverse country, so violence along the U.S. border towns won't have any effect on your vacation in Loreto any more than violence in Miami would affect people in Chicago. Most of the violence that has taken place recently is due to conflicts between drug cartels and the Mexican authorities in just four cities and there's no reason to condemn the rest of the country, especially Loreto and the surrounding state of Baja California Sur.

As a tourist in southern Baja, 700 miles south of the border, you can have a tranquil, relaxing vacation so long as you use the normal precautions you would in any other vacation spot. On our tours, we meet you at the Loreto airport upon arrival and guide you every step of the way on tour. Our local hotel owners and business associates in Loreto report no problems. We own a house in Loreto and have never had a problem. Hundreds of Americans, Canadians and Europeans who visited sleepy Loreto village as well as the huge resort cities of La Paz and Los Cabos this past winter and spring enjoyed their vacations with no hassles or problems.  

Those who live in Loreto know instinctively - that this is a place where anyone of any gender or age can walk safely along the beautiful Malecon (seaside boardwalk) or anywhere else in the village.  They encounter nothing but friendly citizens mixing happily with people from North America and other parts of Mexico.

The area has virtually no crime, not even panhandlers on its main streets. It's a family-friendly place, lots of kids, and a community where people go back generations. Visitors feel safe here.  Feeling safe is all part of the stress-free Loreto experience. The accessibility, the history, the wildlife, the uncrowded nature of this sleepy old fishing village -- the un-Cabo. We see people transform when they come to Loreto. Who couldn't fall in love with this place? Click here to view a "Good Morning America" program featuring Loreto.

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