Extend your stay in Loreto before or after your kayak tour for a low key, sunny vacation spot. If you desire extra nights hotel stay in Loreto, we have preferred rates at two hotels in Loreto and we are happy to set up day tours exploring the greater Loreto area and Coronado Island. 

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Here are a few options we offer:

Kayak and Snorkel Day Trip to Isla Coronado

Join us for a fun, action packed day kayaking around beautiful Coronado Island below towering cliffs, relaxing on white-sand beaches, walking on nature trails and snorkeling with reef fish. Tour includes lunch, drinks, experienced bilingual/kayak guide, snorkel equipment, single and two-person kayaks with paddling gear and motorboat support. No experience is necessary. Daily tours 8:00 am-3 pm.

Blue Whale Tour in Loreto Bay National Marine Park

Join us for a fun, thrill-of-a-lifetime day tour watching blue whales cruise the waters of Loreto Bay National Marine Park.   Words cannot describe the incredible experience of witnessing a 100-foot blue whale surfacing near your 25-foot boat, its blow is 25 feet high and its tail is the width of a 747 tail section.  You will stare gap-jawed when the massive tail comes out of the water as the whale prepares to dive.  Blue whales are the largest animal to ever inhabit the earth, with a body mass equal to 24 elephants and a mouth that could swallow a railroad box car.  They cruise the local waters near Loreto searching for tasty krill in February and March. Tour includes lunch, drinks, experienced bilingual guide, and motorboat.  Daily tours 8:00 am-3 pm (February and March only).

Prices: $300 USD for 2 people and $50 USD for each additional person. Booking the trip: To reserve a day trip in advance, a credit card payment for the full amount is required. As well as signing a Risk form. We accept MasterCard and Visa. TRIPS ARE AVAILABLE DAILY. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your day trip, there’s a 50% cancellation fee. If we need to cancel a trip due to bad weather, you will be given a full refund. Please arrive at the marina by 8:00 am for your day trip. To arrange your day trip directly with Sea Kayak Adventures in Idaho: 1-800-616-1943 or 208-765-3116. From Mexico, dial 001-208-765-3116.

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