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Our Baja kayak tours operate out of Loreto, Baja. Travel to this supreme paddling and whale watching destination is surprisingly easy for a world class wilderness adventure. Like many national parks, the Loreto Bay National Marine Park and the islands in the Sea of Cortez UNESCO World Heritage Site remain pristine in part due to their geographic remoteness - and they are just as worthwhile to visit!  Fortunately for travelers, Loreto hosts its own small airport with several flights per week on a US carrier. Additionally, the international hubs of La Paz and Los Cabos ("Cabo") are just a short distance south down the Baja peninsula and offer easy transit to Loreto. The following travel options are well-tested and utilized by Sea Kayak Adventures guests every year.

Air Options:

Loreto (airport code LTO): The airport in Loreto is quite small, but Alaska Airlines still offers 4 flights per week on a 70 passenger prop plane via Los Angeles. Look up flights from LAX to LTO, which run only Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Within 3 months of the trip date flights are often full or expensive, so we recommend those who wish to use this direct flight plan well in advance of their tour. Call the carrier directly with any questions as the Alaska Air website has been confusing at times - (Alaska/Horizon Air: 1-800-252-7522)

La Paz (airport code LAP): La Paz is the capitol city of Baja California Sur, and just 4-5 hours south of Loreto. (Make sure you are using LAP as the airport code - you want to go to Baja California Sur, Mexico, not Bolivia!)  We can recommend the La Perla hotel if you will be staying overnight.  A number of airlines fly to La Paz, both American and Mexican, with direct flights from several major airports. Rent a car, taxi, or take a snooze on an easy, comfortable bus up to Loreto (bus stations are next to Hotel La Perla in La Paz and Hotel Hacienda Suites in Loreto - more about these options below). Cabo (airport code SJD): Los Cabos or "Cabo" has become a prime tourist upscale resort destination for movie stars or just those looking for sunshine in the winter months. Many airlines offer inexpensive flights to this location from all over the world, and our Canadian and overseas guests often utilize this location. Folks in the US can also find great deals and direct flights from major airports. Los Cabos is 8-9 hours drive south of Loreto on the very tip of the Baja peninsula. Car or bus are frequent methods of transport, but there is also a short flight on Aereo Calafia up to the tiny Loreto airport several times per week (approx. $100 or so depending on the exchange rate, usually 4 days/week). Call the SKA office for details on this schedule.  Los Cabos is actually twin cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

Taking the bus: The bus in Baja (Transportes Aquila) connects all of the major cities. This method of transportation is nicer than the Greyhound buses we are accustomed to in the US, and a well-established norm for the Mexican middle class. There is no stigma associated with riding the bus here. Most are air conditioned and usually play Hollywood movies (usually with Spanish subtitles). The bus from Cabo to Loreto runs nearly every hour starting at 6am or so, and takes approximately 8-9 hours (around $70). The bus from La Paz to Loreto runs 3-6 times per day, and is about 4-5 hours ($50 or so). The bus station in Loreto is right across the street from our main tour hotel, the Hacienda Suites. Driving in Baja: Cars are easily rented in both Cabo and La Paz. This may be a more cost effective method if several people are traveling together. Check ahead to make sure you can drop it off in Loreto (to the best of our knowledge, Budget, Hertz and Europcar have Loreto branches). One main highway connects the cities in Baja. You will get a beautiful view of the peninsula on this peaceful country road. Watch for wandering cows at night. Airport Notes: We highly recommend a 2 HOUR CONNECTION to and from all Mexican flights. Call the airline directly if you don't see flights for your desired travel dates. It has been our experience that seats are sometimes available even if they don't show up online. Sometimes it is as simple as finding the correct days of the week for the flight. Many people flying through Los Angeles find it easier to overnight there rather than traveling straight through - recommended especially if coming from stormy winter climes. We have contract rates ($89/night) with the Hacienda Hotel in Los Angeles. This hotel has a FREE, 24 hour airport shuttle (call upon arrival 800-421-5900). Just call 310-615-0015 and ask for the Sea Kayak Adventures rate (ask for Judith Miller if you have any problems). Extra hotel nights: We can arrange extra nights at either of our tour hotels for you if you wish to extend your stay in Loreto for $85-95, including tax.  This may allow for cheaper airfare, as simply adjusting the days of your flights can lower rates. We have a number of day tour options as well for you to explore. Please note: all hotel rooms have two double beds.

A note on safety: In all of southern Baja California, we have never encountered any of the crime that makes the headlines for Mexican border towns.  The Baja peninsula is separated from mainland Mexico by the Sea of Cortez/Gulf of California and may as well be a separate country.  Loreto is a rural seaside fishing village a 2-hour drive from the next nearest village.  There is one Catholic Cathedral in Loreto (the "mission") and everyone there has known each other for generations (since the 1697 founding of Loreto).  We drive all our kayaks from Canada to Loreto and back every year (it is 20+ hours drive/700 miles south of the Tijuana border), we reside in Loreto for 7 months a year, and have operated tours and owned property in Loreto for 19 seasons without one incident. (We recommend exercising the same caution that one should practice in any foreign city, however, ie not leaving valuables unattended, etc).

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