Sea Kayak Adventures dearly enjoys our tours at God's Pocket Wilderness Resort, a small lodge that was grandfathered-in during the establishment of God's Pocket Provincial Park. It is the only lodge on these secluded islands. Friendly owners Bill and Annie are our hosts during these kayak tours, and they always add a very special touch. Our first lodge-based trip of the year launched July 9, and happy guests relaxed for 6 days while enjoying world-class sea kayaking, hiking, and wildlife sightings. Our guides returned with glowing reports of wildlife and weather.

Dustin Chappell, one of our senior kayak guides, writes:

"It was a great week at God's Pocket with guides dressing up for Theme Nights such as Formal, Pirate Day, Fairies and Asian night. The wildlife didn't dissapoint either with appearances by a mother and calf humpback whale, a sea otter, and a friendly seal who even kissed our kayaks to welcome us back to this amazing area. The guests and guides enjoyed paddling, hiking and even some relaxing time in the sun. Annie and Bill were such amazing hosts that none of us wanted to leave this incredible place."

The rest of our God's Pocket trips are sold out for 2012, but we are already taking reservations for 2013! Here are a few more photos from the July 9-14 trip:

What a view!

Har! Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!

Avast, ye scurvy dog!

Look at this wonderful sea otter at God's Pocket! Sea otters are slowly coming back to the area, after being hunted nearly to extinction for their fine pelts.

Seals make for fine sea kayaking companions! This one kissed Dustin's kayak.

Heartbreaker and sea kayak guide extraordinaire - Leah Blok in formal wear!

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