Those who journeyed to Johnstone Strait to kayak with orcas this summer were in luck. We had a spectacular year in the Strait and ended our BC Canada season with a bang! Sold out trips and fantastic orca whale encounters and sightings became the standard for every trip. All of August 2012, was world class, with great weather and whales. Terry and Nancy enjoyed end of season debriefing with our guides, remembering all the good times this past summer, visiting all our friends and the owners of God's Pocket Resort in the Port Hardy and Port McNeill area one last time before starting on the road south with our kayaks toward Idaho, and ultimately across the border for our Baja kayak tours.

Janice Ryan took this spectacular photo of orcas seen as they were passing just a few short meters off our kayak bows as we were gathered up in the kelp! That moment was repeated many times this summer. Summer 2012 also saw humpback whales in record numbers - every single trip on the water saw these majestic baleen whales. Their recovery from extinction in this area is practically a fairytale.

Join us next year in Johnstone Strait if you missed out on this year's orca kayak trips! We are already taking reservations for all of our BC kayak tours for 2013, and are unveiling some exciting improvements to our Canada kayak tours. Stay tuned for details! If a sand and sunshine is more your style, there's still time to reserve your spot on our Baja kayak tours in Loreto and our NEW location in La Paz.

Thanks for a great summer season sea kayaking in British Columbia with orcas and humpbacks!   We look forward to paddling there in 2013!

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Is It Safe to Kayak With Orcas in British Columbia?

Is It Safe to Kayak With Orcas in British Columbia?

The scientific name for orca whales, Orcinus orca, literally translates to “Demon of the Deep.” In English, they are most commonly known as killer whales. Both names suggest that they are dangerous animals, to be feared, and kept at a safe distance.