Whether you're working with ROW Sea Kayak Adventures or traveling with us, there is something that turns your world upside-down when you discover how many exciting adventures this world has to offer; some of which we never knew would ever be possible. I'm unsure as to whether I came to this realization as I watched an orca swim in free waters or as I fought to keep up with a quick-swimming whale shark in the Bay of La Paz, but this feeling is incredibly liberating and should be celebrated. 

Some of the world's most unbelievable adventures are ones that ROW provides; from snorkeling with sea lions in Galapagos to petting Gray Whales in Magdalena Bay, Baja, you're sure to find yourself walking around with a gigantic smile on your face. Me? Well, I certainly have a small on my face, but I'm also adding more and more bucket list items as I go. The more I experience, the more I want to experience and ROW certainly has taught me how limitless life is!

Here are just 11 bucket list items I've added since starting with the company... and the list continues to grow!

[x] Be Green 
[x] Camp On The Beach 
[  ] Go Backpacking 
[  ] Go Canyoning 
[  ] Go Sky Diving 
[x] Go Whale Watching 
[x] Go Whitewater Rafting 
[  ] Sleep In A Hammock  
[  ] Snorkel With A Sea Lion 
[x] Travel Internationally - Alone


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Is It Safe to Kayak With Orcas in British Columbia?

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