You'll be far from stranded on your tour with us to the Islands of Loreto Bay in Baja, but why not have a little list of the things that seem to make many of our guests - including myself - a little EXTRA happy when traveling.

1. iPhone: (To Read Books!) - Alright, I'll admit it. I brought my iPhone with me on an island vacation. It lights up, it's small and easy to pack, and while it may not get service, I could read each night without much worry of the battery running out (because I wasn't using it to surf the internet or text all day). This little baby was easily packed in the bottom of my dry bag (extra secure with a zip-lock bag) and wasn't in much danger at all because I only brought it out at night.

2. Olympus Tough Waterproof Camera: Take it snorkeling, hook it on to you while kayaking, and obsess over panorama photos. I'm absolutely in LOVE with this camera. With an extra battery and keeping in mind that you should turn it off when you aren't using it, this camera can last the entire trip. Don't forget the big memory card - those panoramas take up a lot of space!

3. Flip-Flops: While I did bring my toe-covered strap-on sandals, it was nice to have something to slip on and off quickly for late night bathroom breaks or evening swims. 

4. Biodegradable Soap: They have it all over the place and it works great. The water is warm, the tide is high, so jump in and stop feeling dirty on this beautiful trip.

5. Aloe Vera: Along with sunscreen (and chap stick), I packed a very small bottle of aloe vera. While I was lucky enough to not get a sun burn on the trip, it was nice knowing I had it just in case. 

6. Two Pairs Of Socks: Some say you sleep better with a pair of socks, and I did just that! Regardless of the never-dropping-below-70-degrees weather, in which I never did use my sleeping bag (just my sleeping bag liner), I was thankful to have my socks on as I slept. 

7. A Small-ish Pair of Binoculars: Since I'm being so thoroughly honest, this is an item I actually wish I had brought. You absolutely never know what you'll see - even at a distance - on your amazing trip to Baja. Be prepared! 

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