We are eagerly getting prepared for our 2014-2015 Baja Season and thought we would share with you 11 Additional Ways To Enjoy Your Baja Vacation! Our kayaking and whale watching tours aren't the only amazing things that you could be doing on your trip!


  • Tell Us What Your Celebrating: If you're headed to Baja during a birthday, anniversary, for your honeymoon or you're celebrating something else, let us know! We would love to celebrate with you.


  • Take The Eco Baja Tours Shuttle: If you're headed to La Paz and are wanting to relax right away, take the Eco Baja Tours Shuttle instead of renting a car. This 7-passenger shuttle has large windows for taking in scenery, wifi for internet surfing, movies for the kids and great air conditioning.


  • Snorkel With Whale Sharks: If you're tour in the beautiful city of La Paz, take advantage of our Tour Extension Option to snorkel with the whale sharks. A group of 8 can be accommodated for this unbelievable tour!
  • Enjoy Your Tour Hotel: Relaxing at the hotel prior to and following your trip is always an option. We offer additional nights at $105 in La Paz and $115 in Loreto! Relax at the hotel pool, local restaurants and the city shops.
  • Visit The Loreto Dolphin Dive Center: Did you know that Loreto has a dolphin dive center?! Many of our guests take the opportunity to dive with dolphins while they are in town and they simply cannot get enough.
  • Visit The Loreto Mision: Just a few blocks away from our tour hotel, in the heart of Loreto, is the Loreto Mision. If that's not historic enough, be sure to check prices on our Tour Extension Option that takes you to the San Javier Mission, founded in 1697!
  • Take A Skiff To See Blue & Fin Whales: The deeper waters beyond the Islands of Loreto is home to Blue and Fin Whales in February and March! Explore the Sea of Cortez just a little more with this fun day tour option!
  • Skiff & Snorkel: Are you planning a whale watching only tour? Because we do not get to provide snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean, we just had to provide a skiff and snorkel option for those who wouldn't be kayaking with us.
  • Visit Magdalena Bay: Are you planning a kayaking only tour? From January through March, we have a day tour option that will send you to Magdalena Bay!


  • Go Snorkeling: On our kayaking tours, you'll have at least two opportunities per day to snorkel! Take advantage of this because each location has it's own unique twist. See different fish, explore different depths and the beautiful turquoise waters at each stop. Enjoy the Sea of Cortez the way that Jaquez Cousto always described it.
  • Go Hiking: On all of our tours, you'll also have an opportunity to hike each day. With surrounding bushes, cacti and the beautiful Sea of Cortez view, you're bound to be amazed!

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