For those of you looking to travel with us to Baja soon, there are a few incredible meals that you will be enjoying on this fabulous trip! Not only will our guides provide you with fresh fruits and vegetables for snack, plenty of water along the way and of course our amazing happy hour with various authentic Mexican drinks (my favorite being the Pina Colada) and hors dourves like chips and salsa, but your taste buds will be experiencing much more!

While the foods may slightly vary depending on the season and due to limited resources on occasion, you will truly get to enjoy the delicious recipes of Baja - from fish veracruz, chilean salads and PUD cake for dinner and dessert to Mexican eggs, home-style potatoes and corn tortillas for breakfast. You're in Mexico, so the various spices are mixed in! Don't forget the cinnamon too! If you're not interested in spices, that's alright too! We have a section on our trip application page dedicated to your dietary requests so that we can make this the best vacation that we can for you. If you're vegetarian, vegan or even gluten free, we've got you taken care of. Our guides can supplement things in meals so that you can have some of the same dishes with your requests!

This blog is only describing the tip of the iceberg (or should we say cactus?). There is so much in store for you on your Baja trip; food-wise and otherwise. Even in the beautiful town of Loreto or the incredible city of La Paz, there are a great deal of restaurants that will have you craving the food even as you return home. Below we've listed just a few restaurants in each of our locations that we've really enjoyed.

See you in Baja!


  • La Mision Restaurant (Margarita Pizza anyone?)
  • Pan Que Pan, the local bakery


  • Seven Crown Cenro Cafe
  • Pan D'Les Bakery
  • Cafe Corazon (The Mexican hot chocolate had me reeling!)

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