Following a difficult breakup, I found myself traveling to Baja for work. I was eager to go, but I had no idea prior to the trip just how much it would allow me to grow. While it was my first International trip that I did on my own, this was not the only thing that allowed me to grow as a person; I was able to truly get away from it all.

PART ONE. The Travel Time Allows for Reflection: Whatever it is that you're dealing with in life, you have to admit that traveling (especially on your own) gives you the opportunity to get away.

1. The Car Ride 2. The Flights 3. The Airport Layovers 4. The Taxi Ride 5. The Hotel Time

PART TWO. It Provides Distraction: Whatever the views may be, they have you thinking about other things.

6. The Beautiful Views 7. The (For Many) NEW Scenery 8. The Food 9. The People (Friends & Family) 10. The People Watching 11. The Shopping 12. The Fun Touristy Stuff 13. The Nightlife - Out on the town or visiting with family & friends.

PART THREE. It Gives You More To Look Forward To: If you're looking to escape, there's a reason why. Traveling will give you an opportunity to look forward to the next amazing chapter of your life by giving you new (and often independent) memories.

14. The New Experiences 15. The Old Experiences Done Your Way

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