There is so much to do and see at God's Pocket on beautiful Hurst Island in British Columbia! Here are just 11 of our favorite highlights. Be sure to check out our 2015 tour dates.

  1. The Clubhouse: They have a library, a place to watch movies or just a place to relax and spend time with your group. ! In the afternoons when you're winding down, be sure to grab a book and thoroughly relax.
  2. The Deck: This beautiful little resort has a deck, chairs, and they will provide you with blankets. What better way to enjoy the amazing waterfront view than getting cozy in front of your cabin on a nice chair?! This is a great place to take in the evening sunset, stargaze, or watch the fog roll off the water in the early morning hours.  It is not uncommon to see marine life from the dock as nearby seals swim into the cove, sea otters feed on the nearby sea urchins.
  3. The Hiking Opportunities: Multiple trails cover the island to give you a different option each time! Enjoy the island at all angles. Some of the trails lead you to high viewing points where you can take in all of God's Pocket Marine Provincial Park as well as the nearby lighthouse still in operation.  This is good for both the hiking and views.
  4. The Views: Hurst Island is literally surrounded by viewing opportunities from the eagles that soar above to the whales and dolphins that are swimming in nearby waters. Be sure to watch the water for your chance to see orca, humpback, and minke whales! Also, don't forget that this is regularly a diving location! Jacques Cousteau once coined this area the best cold water diving spot in the world.
  5. The Fact That It's Remote:  God's Pocket is the only building located on Hurst Island, as it was built before they turned the area into the National Park. The lodge is completely self-supported with it's own generator and water desalination operation.
  6. The Fact That It's Locally Owned: Bill and Annie bought God's Pocket in 1998 and they truly love their little resort, but who wouldn't?
  7. The Food: The food at the resort is delightful! From seafood to fresh fruits and vegetables to the wine and snacks at happy hour, you're sure to be content the entire trip. 
  8. The Bio-luminescence: God's Pocket has an incredible opportunity to witness bio-luminescence. Weather depending, this amazing site will have you daydreaming for weeks!
  9. The Fact That It's Lodge-Based: Well, of course this is a highlight! Go to sleep at night in a warm comfy bed in your own little cabin. Grab a hot shower after a long day of kayaking or hiking and they will also dry your paddling clothes each night in their drying room and return them to you warm and dry in the morning.
  10. The Kayaking: Don't forget the kayaking. As we paddle around a few of the surrounding islands, you will experience beautiful turquoise waters and maybe even be curiously followed by a harbor seal.
  11. The Guides: Our guides will be there too, giving you details on the world around you. From wildlife to the culture of the area, you'll be bringing home specific information about your summer vacation. They will also have you laughing throughout the trip - our guides have a great sense of humor!

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