If you're a fan of whale watching, you've come to the right place! ROW Sea Kayak Adventures has opportunities for seeing several different types of whales within our various travel locations! Whether it's kayaking with whales or taking a skiff out to the deeper waters, you're sure to have an amazing whale watching experience!

  • Blue Whales: The Blue Whales migrate into the Sea of Cortez during February and March! Be sure to add our Blue Whale Tour Extension option to get a blue whale encounter. (Shhh! You might ALSO see Fin Whales on this tour!)  
  • Gray Whales: Our Magdalena Bay or San Ignacio Lagoon tours from January through April is a great time to see the Gray Whales. Aboard a skiff, you will get close enough to touch these amazing creatures and the best part is that they come to you! Experience the curiosity and the wonder of these amazing giant creatures.  
  • Orcas: We experience the breathlessness feeling you get when encountering a Killer Whale every summer. In the mile-wide Johnstone Strait, just off of Northern Vancouver Island, these whales are eagerly watched as they follow the plethora of Salmon in the area. It is here that we encounter them by kayak or sight them from land as they rub their bellies on the rocky beaches. We have two orca-focused trips available: our 4-Day Orca Basecamp and our 6-Day Blackfish Tour!  
  • Mink Whales: Mink whales hide in the waters of British Columbia. We are always looking to find them on each of our BC Tours thoughtout our summer season and sighting them is nothing less than spectacular!   
  • Humpback Whales: In the deeper waters, just off of Johnstone Strait are the Humpback Whales of Blackfish Sound. Their deep breathing literally keeps us up at night ! Follow the birds along the water, where the fish are hiding, and you just might see a humpback pop up to catch fish of their own! Check out our 5-Day Humpback Tours running for the summer of 2015!  
  • Beluga Whales: In the waters of Quebec are the Beluga Whales. From kayaking with them to watching them from skiff, our Quebec Tour certainly gives you the sighting opportunities you're looking for.  
  • Fin Whales: Fin Whales are residents of the Sea of Cortez. Take our Blue & Fin Whale Tour Extension when you visit Baja!  
  • Southern Right Whales: A very remote part of Patagonia has you kayaking with the Southern Right Whales! Enjoy the sights and sounds of these wonderful whales and then continue on to play with Penguins! We have two tour options available in this remarcable location.   
  • The Whale Shark: Alright, the whale shark is not actually a whale! But is that any reason to NOT get excited about it? Our La Paz Tours offer an opportunity of a lifetime to snorkel with the incredible whale shark in the shallow Bay of La Paz. Kayaking in Loreto? That's alright, come join us by adding it on as a Tour Extension!

There is so much to explore! Where do you start? Well, we are headed into our Baja season and the 8-Day Blue & Gray Whale Extravagaza has Baja whale watching covered with 4 days at our Magdalena Bay Whale Camp, 1 day whale watching on our Blue & Fin Whale tour and a great Skiff and Snorkel day trip that will have you craving the Sea of Cortez months after your return home! 

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