Why Adventure Vacations Are The Best

Are you unsure as to whether or not you should plan an adventure-oriented vacation or a leisurely one? Here are just 8 reasons why Adventure Vacations are the absolute best!

  1. The Fun Is Already Planned: Purchase your flights & pick the adventure! ROW Sea Kayak Adventures provides the food while on tour, the activities including kayaking, sight seeing, whale watching, hiking, & snorkeling (location depending).
  2. You Can Relax Too: Go on your planned adventure, relax on the beach during happy hour & schedule additional nights to relax or plan your own excursions. For all destinations that include hotel, additional nights can be scheduled for you through the office.
  3. You Truly Experience The Part Of The World You’re Visiting: Did you know that ROW SKA's guides are hired locally? Each & every one of them are trained out in the field & know their locations well. From biology to culture, they will have you covered. Be sure to ask questions!
  4. Some Things Are Exclusive: ROW SKA locations are hand-picked in each area in which they tour. You will camp on the best beaches, stay in the best local hotels, & dine in style. From their base camp in beautiful British Columbia to Magdalena Bay – both with exclusive camping locations – you are certain to enjoy yourself.
  5. Then, There’s Food: Authentic dishes will be prepared for you during your tour so you can experience the absolute best cuisine of the area.
  6. Packing Is No Longer A Hassel: All camping & kayaking equipment in included & they even have a packing list for what you should bring! Pack in a carry-on bag to avoid checking in heavy luggage! Snorkeling gear & wet suit rentals are available as well!
  7. Your Questions Are Always Answered:  Booking your Adventure Vacation is quick & easy. Call to ask questions, look over the Trip Experience Packet, & check out the fun reading recommendations to get you ready for your trip. It doesn’t stop there either! While you’re on your tour, guides will give you the full overview of your trip & discuss route options based on weather & group preference. If you haven’t kayaked, not to worry! These trips are for new kayakers to expert kayakers.
  8. You’re Not Alone, Or Are You?: Meet some incredible people on the tour with you & bond while sight seeing as you adventure in our exotic locations or prepare an exclusive trip for your family.

Wherever your next vacation may be, make the absolute best of it & take it to the next level! 

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