Are you prepared for the wild adventure in search of Orcas, Humpbacks, Eagles & much more? British Columbia is an incredible place that you will remember for the rest of your life. You'll explore this serene landscape by kayak and on foot, experiencing the incredible wildlife and natural beauty. Snapping photos of your journey is the perfect way to take a piece of your trip home with you. But don't forget to put down your camera as well, and truly soak in the beauty!

Here are a few photo opportunities to take advantage of while you're on this adventure of a lifetime! 

  1. The view from your tent: From pebble beaches to dense forest, our campsites (especially base camp locations) have been chosen and re-vamped for your enjoyment. The memories of these camps will be with you forever - especially the view from your sleeping space. 
  2. The wildlife: No duh! Many of us do not have the opportunities to see this incredible wildlife at home. Capture it!
  3. A selfie or photo with your loved one: So often we have guests that took photos of others, but never seemed to get a photo of them and the person they came with! The guides will not hesitate if you ask, so be sure to get plenty of photos of YOU and the person/people you're traveling with!
  4. With the downtown dolphin art: It may sound silly, but I found this to be a highlight of my trip! A beautifully painted dolphin is in downtown Port McNeill by the Visitor Center.
  5. Get a group photo: These people may just be your friends for life!Don't forget to get a photo all together to comemorate your trip. 
  6. In front of the "World's Largest Burl": It's a small, small town, and hidden just to the North of where you'll be camping is the World's Largest Burl!
  7. In your kayak on the kelp: You were there, kayaking and whale watching and having the time of your life!!
  8. One cruise ship: This is silly, but to be sitting there at cam (not having showered in 24 hours, I might add...), and all of a sudden you see a fancy cruise ship go by... I was laughing histerically. There is a time and a trip for the cruise ship, but that's not the one you're on right now! No one would have believed it if I hadn't snapped a photo, but cruise ships do often go through Johnstone Strait and during my time there I think we saw 2 or 3. 
  9. Little things on the beach: My favorite was a little crab that we found, but there are all sorts of things! Sea stars, funny-shaped rocks, sea shells, etc. 
  10. The wild forest: It's very serene and sureal. Don't forget to capture this peaceful place so it can take you right back to your vacation, even once your back home.

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