Vacations are incredibly memorable; they allow us to get away from our every day lives & explore the world around us! We carry thoughts and memories of our vacations for years and years after. Aside from the memories, there are many other ways to bring your vacation home with you. Here are just a few:

  • Photos & Videos: There is no question that bringing home photos & videos of our experiences can help us to cherish our vacations even after decades have passed. Always remember your camera on your vacations to bring home every glimpse of what you encounter along the way!  
  • Souveniers: We pride ourselves on being a company that leaves behind the beautiful rocks & shells that we find on the beaches, but don't forget about the souveniers you can buy at the local stores. Not only are you supporting the local economies, but you are taking home a piece of your vacation - something that you can enjoy forever.  
  • Keeping A Journal: For some, it may sound silly, but for others this is their way of remembering every tiny detail. A journal will allow you to remember the different things that were said & laughed about, the experiences had, the meals enjoyed. We may not think it possible while we're in the moment, but the details often fade away from memory sooner than we realize. A journal is a fun way to keep those details in tact!  
  • Printing It Out: Often times, when I return home from vacation, I'll print out a large photo of the trip to hang on the wall in my house. This photo, often my favorite of the whole trip, can have me at ease when I'm stressed & do not have time to get away. Relax, breathe deep, and look at that beach with the lined-up kayaks, almost as though you could just jump right into the photo.   
  • Making A Collection: We have several guests who've created entire slideshows for their trips with beautiful music, or special scrapbooks with a detailed account of the trip (this is another place your journal could come in handy!).  
  • Keeping In Touch: Did you know that we send out an email following your trip that will allow you to share photos & videos with your fellow travelers? Keep in touch with them & remenisce often. Who knows? Maybe you'll plan another trip with them one day - we've certainly had returning guests come back together!  
  • Planning A Return: We know you want to see the world, but certainly consider returning to some of your favorite vacation spots. And, if you'd rather travel elsewhere, consider one of the many destinations we offer trips! Hey, if you enjoyed one of our trips the first time, you'll probably like it the next! We have so many destinations around the world to consider, & all with the same game plan in mind. 

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