The 2015 travel season is well underway, and with incredible destinations like Africa, the Galapagos, and British Columbia to visit you might just need some new gadgets to inspire your next adventure.

The truth is you don't need much to travel beyond an open mind and a spirit of adventure. That doesn't mean, however, that having a few pieces of travel bling won't make the trip just a bit more comfortable. But how do you navigate the pages of travel gadgets available for sale, each claiming to be better than the next? Well, you ask the experts of course!

We don't just sell travel at ROW Adventure, we live it. So we thought it may be helpful to provide you with a glimpse of a few of our favorite things. Here's what your ROW team never leaves home without.

Peter Grubb - Founder and Owner of ROW Adventures The Luci Light by Mpowered Co. Solar LED light that weighs about nothing, stores flat but inflates, floats, lights up a tent or hotel room (great if there's a power outage) and is made by a B-Corp that is socially responsible and sends these lights around the world to those in need.

Morag Prosser - ROW Adventures International Sales Manager I never travel without my noise reducing headphones. They guarantee me a comfortable flight, even when I have the flight from hell, and a good night's sleep wherever I am. I accompany them with my kindle or phone filled with a library of audible podcasts and books that let me switch off and relax/sleep no matter what chaos is going on around me.

Candy Benning - ROW Adventures USA Sales Manager I never leave home for an adventure without my favorite light face moisturizer Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum. After a long day of travel or a hot day on a river this serum rejuvenates your skin and feels great. My moisturizer has traveled to the Galapagos and many rivers in the West!

Geoff Jans - ROW Adventures Director of Operations The Patagonia Houdini jacket is always with me when I travel. It is so light and compact that there is never an excuse to leave it at camp or in the hotel. It can be hard to access good weather forecasts when traveling. When I wake up to a bluebird morning, this little jacket is my insurance policy.

Naomi West - Red Mangrove USA Manager, Antarctica Adventure Consultant My Patagonia Nano-Puff Down vest. This is a light weight mid-layer that I can wear under an outer shell or on its own as an outer-layer, plus it knows how to breathe. It keeps my cozy on chilly flights and is easy to pack away in its pocket. Any brand is great but I love the Patagonia nano puff. Well worth the investment, as I wear it everywhere.

Emily Kinsella - Galapagos Adventure Consultant I always, always bring a book, no matter where I am going. Then, I never actually touch it because I don't have time to read!

Andy Hayes - ROW Sea Kayak Adventures Adventure Consultant I never leave home without my Patagonia dry-wicking underwear. Sorry if it's TMI, but I discovered these before my last lengthy trip to Europe and I highly recommend. If full-on laundry isn't practical for a week or so (and you don't want to pack 15 pairs of underwear), washing these in the sink and drying them overnight (or in a couple of hours) is salvation.

Wendy Xue - ROW Adventures Accountant I cannot go out to travel without my travel pillow. It keeps me comfortable and allows me enough sleep on the airplane and in the car.

Michelle Darnell - ROW Sea Kayak Adventures Manager I never leave for an adventure without my REI Flash Pack. This amazing little day pack is my sidekick on every sort of adventure. It weighs just 12 oz and can hold up to 18 liters of gear. This constant companion either serves as my carry on or it gets tucked away in my luggage for a day-pack upon arrival. Other features included; hip and sternum straps, whistle, daisy chains and it’s fully hydration-bladder compatible!

Now that you’re all geared up to travel in style, give us a call when you’re ready to book your next adventure.  We will be standing by with friendly advice! Check out the exciting new trips for Sea Kayak Adventures and ROW Adventures for 2015!

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