With travel comes layovers and, with layovers come bordem. How do you enjoy your vacation while in an airport or waiting for your mode of transportation? It seems that I have become somewhat of an expert with this, as I can be incredibly antsy while traveling. Simply put, I just try to think of all of the things that I 'don't have time for' at home, or the things that may just bug me upon my arrival - Did I remember this? Did I add a reminder for that? Covered! Done! Here are 24 things to do in 24 hours. 

  1. Read: When I'm at home, I'm often working on my computer or writing my next blog - I rarely have time to read. If you're looking for something fun, check out "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed or "A Lotus Grows In The Mud" by Goldie Hawn. Those are just two of my favorites. 
  2. Write: I'm a writer, so I'm almost always writing. The next blog, a fun Facebook post or simply a little journal helps me to pass the time and really dig into my own thoughts. 
  3. Work: You're on vacation, but you have to admit that getting a few things out of the way would be really nice - take advantage now of the free airport internet and get it done so that when you reach your final destination, you no longer have to think about work. 
  4. Think: Vacations - especially long times on a sandy beach or by yourself in an airport are AMAZING for your thoughts. You finally have all of that downtime to figure out how to address a problem at work or home, or maybe even what you want to do with life. And don't forget to write down your thoughts!
  5. Draw/Color: If you're looking for something completely mind-less, consider coloring or drawing. Honestly - who cares about the people looking at me (a 20-something-year-old) coloring in a Disney coloring book in the middle of the airport. Just focus: It's ME time!
  6. Get Social: Social Networking is big nowadays, why not get creative and be social while you wait? 
  7. Design: On a great deal of my adventures, you can find me sitting at the airport terminal working on designing websites or logos. It's a fun extra thing to earn extra money and make time go by much faster. 
  8. Check Things Off Your To-Do List: If you're anything like me, you have a to-do list sitting on your phone (my favorite is Wunderlist). Take this time to check some of these things off. Change your account passwords, add reminders for when you get back, and write that thank you card you've been putting off. 
  9. Phone A Friend: We all have friends that we find ourselves growing apart from, so take a moment to catch up if you can! See what's new in their lives and possibly schedule a time to visit with them upon your return. You'll be happy that you did and so will they!
  10. Mark Your Calendar: I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to forget to mark my calendar for important events. This would be the perfect time to go through your phone and be sure that everything is on your calendar. 
  11. Check What's New: Do Starbucks and iTunes have new freebies? Any new releases for your favorite artists? What about music videos? Fun, fun, fun is all I can say!
  12. Tie Up Loose Ends: You know that one thing you've been avoiding? Get it off of your plate and know that afterwards you'll have nothing to worry about on your vacation. 
  13. Clean Out Your Phone or Computer: Your desktop is a mess... your apps are not organized. There are apps on your phone you haven't even used once! Time for a full re-vamp! Spring cleaning at it's finest!
  14. Create, Add To or Check Off Bucket List Items: Where are you traveling? Will you have time to do a few things that are on your bucket list? Are there perhaps a few things you want to add before your arrival? 
  15. Primp: About 70% of the time, I'm feeling a little icky in airports, so sometimes I'll go fix my makeup and hair in the bathroom, wash my face, or even brush my teeth. Not only am I feeling better about myself for the next flight, but it also allows me to be more comfortable just sitting in the airport.
  16. Stretch or Stroll: Occasionally, from the previous flight, I'll want to stretch a bit. Many people just wait until they reach their final destination, but it's almost always due to the fact that they worry about what others think of them. Who cares? I say take some time to get comfortable. Stretching not your thing? Take a few laps up and down the terminals. Just make sure you'd back in time for your flight!
  17. Research: There is always a project for me to look into and I definitely have used my layover time to do so. Increase your businesses website views, figure out another form of social media or take a free YouTube class and learn something new.
  18. Study: If you're a student, why not take a moment to study? You are technically on vacation, but wouldn't this time in the airport allow you to relax a bit more when you return home? I thought so. 
  19. Explore: If you're layover is really long, why not step out and explore the city in which you've landed. Take a few photos, try a new restaurant and create a mini vacation before your big one. 
  20. Splurge: Traveling is tough for your eating habits, but while you're at the airport, why not take a moment to relax and enjoy the latte and muffin you may only allow yourself on special occasions or a cocktail at the airport martini bar?
  21. Rock Out: Get lost in the music on your iPod, but be sure to look up every once in a while so that you know whether or not your plane is boarding. 
  22. Watch A Movie: Netflix is available at the airport so, if you have your computer or smart phone, why not take advantage? Whether it's a movie or a tv show, this should allow you to pass time quickly (especially if you're with kiddos!).
  23. Nap: This is semi-risky if you're a heavy sleeper, but if you have all of your stuff with you and under your arm, why not take a little nap? The loud speaker should wake you up for your flight. 
  24. Doodle: One of my most favorite pastimes is doodling. Intricate designs or fun cartoons allow you to really use your imagination and pass time. No paper? No pen? There are plenty of doodling apps out there. And who cares if you're not an artist (yet...); a few hours of doodling and you might find our you're the next Picasso! Plus, and probably more important, it's therapeutic!

I hope your layover isn't as long as 24 hours, but that if it is these certainly help you pass the time!

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