Tours: Baja (Loreto, LaPaz, Magdalena Bay, Isla Carmen), Cuba, God’s Pocket

Q: What do you love about Sea Kayaking?
A: Sea Kayaking is such an intimate way to see nature up close and personal.  The power is produced by the paddler so it leaves such a small footprint in the areas visited.  You get to exercise, see nature without disturbing it, and learn new things about this beautiful planet we call home.

Q: Which Sea Kayaking Tours have you been on?
A: I have been fortunate to participate in MANY of ROW/Sea Kayaking Adventure trips in Baja, Canada and Cuba.  The first trip was to Loreto, Baja California Sur to circumnavigate Isla Carman.  From then on, I became a “Bajaholic” and took trips out of La Paz to Espiritu Santo, the expedition from Loreto to La Paz, whale watching in Magdalena Bay, snorkeling with whale sharks, and will be going back this Spring for some time around Isla San Jose.  The trips are worth repeating as the experiences vary with different group dynamics and seem to gather interesting and interested people.  Great combinations.  I enjoy the design of how ROW Sea Kayak Adventures explores a place as you always get to learn from locals.  I have traveled to God’s Pocket out of Vancouver Island in Canada and will be taking my second trip to Cuba this fall.  The first trip was to the west parts of Cuba and the second will be the east.

Q: Do you have a favorite destination? If so, what was it about that particular trip or destination that made it a favorite?
A: My favorite destination is the one I am kayaking in at the moment.  With that said however, Isla Carman will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart.  I have done the trip twice and the second one was even more powerful than the first. 

Q: What is your favorite memory from a Sea Kayak Adventures tour?
A: Hard to narrow down to one so you are stuck with two here.  Being the first Americans to kayak in the Bay of Pigs since 1961 was a VERY powerful moment.  It is an experience I will never forget.  Another was during my second journey around Isla Carman in Baja.  The manta rays were like magical guides around the island the whole trip!  With their acrobatic flips in the air they would bring in a new day’s dawn or close out a day during sunset cocktails and flip on well into the night.   As we rounded the far end of the island, hundreds of them swam RIGHT under our kayaks.  What a sight to see to be sure!!!

Q: What inspires you to travel?
A: I love learning and am a visual learner.  Travel is the best way to “experience” the learning.  It is NOT something you can get out of book or a movie.  Pictures cannot possibly reach all of your senses like being there can.  You get to touch, smell, hear, see and even taste the places you go.  I keep coming back to ROW/Sea Kayak Adventures because they match my learning style.  You get to learn about the environment, nature, culture, history and get to share it with like-minded folks. 

Q: What is something you were surprised by on one of our trip?

A: I am impressed, inspired and thrilled by the depth of knowledge of the guides on EACH of the trips I have been on.  The quality of the equipment and the quality of the people are second to none! 

Q: Best advice to guests considering a Sea Kayak Adventure?

A: Advice?  GO!!!  You don’t regret the trips you take, only the ones you missed out on. Also, if you cannot find someone to go with on a trip, DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU!!!  It is amazing how many lifelong friends come from travels.

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