A Local's Guide to the Best Restaurants in Loreto, Baja

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Loreto, here is your list!  This isn’t based on the reviews of tourists, but my recommendations as a local.  I grew up near Guadalajara and moved to Loreto over a decade ago. I love my town where the sun rises over the Gulf of California and sets behind the Sierra La Giganta.  People are friendly and relaxed here and the pace of life is casual.  The beautiful mission church is the scenic center of the town, anchoring our culture and history.  There is the malecon along the seafront for morning runs and evening strolls.  If you get up early you can see the fishermen bring in their catch.  

The cuisine here is largely based on fresh seafood and locally grown vegetables.  Naturally, as is true everywhere in the world, restaurants come and go.  I love all the options here in our small town, including the restaurants that mostly cater to tourists.  Some of those are a bit overpriced with less-than-authentic food. They have their place, but I prefer those that are patronized mostly by locals.

Here are some of my favorites that you might want to try before or after your Loreto kayaking or whale watching trip with Sea Kayak Adventures.  For the most part, these places are not fancy, but their food is delicious. They are places I like to go with my family and friends. If you find some other favorites, be sure to let us know! 

You will discover that even though Loreto is a small town, it has an exciting and expansive culinary scene.  Chefs here are influenced by both the bounty of the Sea of the Cortez and the traditions of mainland Mexico cuisine. Baja cuisine has its own flair and plenty of variety.  And in Loreto, we are lucky to have a lot of really fantastic places to eat. From simple street tacos to refined dishes for the connoisseur of Mexican food, you will find plenty to make you happy!


picture of El Rey Tacos


1. El Rey del Taco (The King of Taco)

This is one of the most popular street taco stands in Loreto (really, in all of Baja). Paco and his wife Amparo own and run the business together. They have been delighting locals and tourists with their amazing fish and beef tacos for many years. This is perfect for lunchtime.

You will find a taco bar full of different salsas or toppings that you can add to your taco for a better flavor experience. They are located at Juarez St. They don’t have a regular opening hours schedule but usually late morning and early afternoon is the best time to go.  It is really worth trying. Only cash. No cards accepted. 


Orlandos restaurant in Loreto, Baja


2. Orlando’s

Orlando moved to Loreto many years ago to work for his uncle at his ice cream shop but his dream was always to have his own restaurant. In 2010 he decided to pursue his dream and start with a small food stand that quickly became one of the most successful restaurants in Loreto. They serve delicious authentic Mexican food as well as seafood. They have a varied menu for every taste. You can order the Orlando’s or the Mexican combination to try a little bit of different dishes.

Orlando’s is open from Tuesday to Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. They are closed on Mondays. They are located at 25 Francisco I. Madero St.


table with food looking over the ocean in Loreto Baja


3. La Picazón

This restaurant has a unique location that offers the best views of Coronado Island. You must drive 3.5 miles north along Davis Street. Then you will enter a dirt road. The drive to get there takes between 30-35 minutes. If you don’t have a car a taxi can take you there.

Alejandro and his family moved from Guadalajara to Loreto many years ago seeking a safe and quiet place to live. Alejandro is a chef so he decided to open his own gourmet seafood restaurant. You must try the margarita as they have a very unique recipe.

Reservations are required so make sure to call them before going there at 613 111 8782 or at @LaPicazonLoreto. Closed on Sundays. No cards accepted. Only cash.


fresh baked bread loafs


4. Pan Que Pan

Eddie and his wife Carla offer a great assortment of fresh bakery items every morning. The cinnamon roll is amazing. They offer breakfast accompanied by their homemade bread and fresh smoothies. For lunch, they serve sandwiches, pizzas, and calzones. Gluten-free options are also available.

They are located at Miguel Hidalgo St. Open from Tuesday to Sundays from 8 am to 4 pm.


Two margaritas with salt on the rim


5. Augie’s Bar

Located right at the Malecon between Lopez Mateos Blvd and Fernando Jordan St. This is one of the most popular bars in town. Smiley Edilia is always there to welcome you. They offer a happy hour and free snacks every day from 5 pm to 8 pm. Stop by on Wednesdays to try the traditional Chocolate BBQ clams.


Close up of Mexican food in Loreto Baja


6. El Caloron

This seafood restaurant is mainly visited by locals as the location is a bit obscure. They have great food including some things you really won’t find elsewhere.  Prices are very affordable and their specialties are ceviche, fish, and seafood tacos. If you feel adventurous, be sure to try the Aguachile(pictured above), a dish made of shrimp marinated in lime juice and chile combined with slices of onion and cucumber.

They are located at the Malecon (next to Augie's Bar, on the second floor).  People mostly come here for lunch.


Large burrito on a table


7Asadero Super Burro

If you are really hungry and want to have a big meal for dinner, order a Super Burro which is a BIG beef burrito. Or try the huge Papa Rellena which is a stuffed potato mixed with beef, cheese, sour cream, and corn. They also serve great arrachera tacos with delicious salsas.

Located at Independencia St. Once you get to the traffic light at the corner of El Pescador minimarket, go south at Independencia St. and then turn right. They are open from 6 pm to 11 pm. Closed on Wednesdays. 


Tortilla soup in a white bowl


8. El Andador

El Andador offers and nice and quiet atmosphere to dine in. You can find this restaurant on a second floor between the Plaza and the Mission church in the Loreto Mission district. With plenty of outdoor seating on their balcony, El Andador is a great place to enjoy lunch in the sun and people watch down below. It’s a quaint space offering tasty cocktails paired perfectly with delicious meals. They have an exceptional tortilla soup made with a tomato broth base thats a must try!


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