Orca Kayak Tours in Johnstone Strait: Highlights

In our last blog entry, we compared the 6-day and the 4-day orca kayak tours in Johnstone Strait to better understand the differences between the tours. As a followup entry, here is a rundown of the wonderful features of BOTH tours!

Highlights of Johnstone Strait tours:

Marine Mammals on BC Kayak Tours

Kayaking with orcas and humpback whales often takes center stage on our sea kayak tours off of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. However, this picturesque wilderness also hosts a wide variety of other interesting marine mammals to delight kayak guests. Here are some of our favorite marine animals in British Columbia:

Why choose a kayak vacation?

Kayak vacations increase in popularity as adventure travel becomes more accessible and affordable, even for families. Here are some great reasons to consider spending your next vacation on a kayak tour: