How To Completely Take In Your Adventure Vacation

Adventure Vacations are incredible and so much fun! Activities throughout the day with moments of relaxation mixed in; what's not to be happy about? Well, because of how much fun the vacation is, it can go by so fast! And with those limited vacation days, you'll want to make sure you enjoy every second of it.

Here are 9 ways to ensure you make the most of your adventure vacation.

Capturing Memories: Loreto Edition

Traveling to beautiful Loreto this season? Don't forget the camera! This beautiful location has several photo opportunities and we are happy to give you a few ideas from those who've been there. Enjoy this incredibly beautiful and sunny trip!

Why Adventure Vacations Are The Best

Why Adventure Vacations Are The Best

Are you unsure as to whether or not you should plan an adventure-oriented vacation or a leisurely one? Here are just 8 reasons why Adventure Vacations are the absolute best!

New Baja Flight Options!

Great news to those looking to travel direct to beautiful Loreto, Baja through Canada! Westjet is now offering direct flights from Calgary to Loreto running February 14 through May 30, 2015. These weekly flights will allow travelers to skip the craziness of the LAX, as well as a possible overnight stay, and find themselves on their sunny Mexico vacation in a timely fashion.

Snorkeling With The Whale Sharks: La Paz, Baja

Last November I was sent on the trip of a lifetime to beautiful Baja, California to learn more about the vacations that we offer. It was during this trip that I was able to fly in to Cabo, take our recommended Eco Baja Tours shuttle to La Paz and snorkel with the whale sharks.

Whales, Whales, Whales with ROW Sea Kayak Adventures!

If you're a fan of whale watching, you've come to the right place! ROW Sea Kayak Adventures has opportunities for seeing several different types of whales within our various travel locations! Whether it's kayaking with whales or taking a skiff out to the deeper waters, you're sure to have an amazing whale watching experience!

11 God's Pocket Highlights

There is so much to do and see at God's Pocket on beautiful Hurst Island in British Columbia! Here are just 11 of our favorite highlights. Be sure to check out our 2015 tour dates.

TRAVEL: 15 Ways It Allows You To Truly Escape

Following a difficult breakup, I found myself traveling to Baja for work. I was eager to go, but I had no idea prior to the trip just how much it would allow me to grow. While it was my first International trip that I did on my own, this was not the only thing that allowed me to grow as a person; I was able to truly get away from it all.

Your First Kayaking Trip With ROW Sea Kayak Adventures

My first ever kayaking trip was with ROW Sea Kayak Adventures, in British Columbia, just after my being hired as an Adventure Consultant in July of 2013. I was nervous and not quite sure how to paddle, steer or do anything while also somehow remaining stable in my kayak. My fears didn't end there either, I was unsure as to how I would keep up with the group.