Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Canada 150

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Canada 150

by Stephanie Engle
Canada, The True North Strong and Free, is throwing a party: all year long. That’s right, 2017 marks Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. The country is threaded with celebrations and... more

The Lost Colony of Saguenay, Québec

by Editor
It’s no lost colony of Roanoke, but it’s close. After years of celebrating Champlain’s founding of Québec City, a new chapter of Québec’s history was recently unearthed with the discovery of the... more
Sea kayaking in Baja California Sur

Founder Peter G. Talks Sea Kayaking with the Travel Advice Show

by Editor
Our founder, Peter Grubb, was invited to talk on The Travel Advice Show with hosts Chris and Jerry about the world of sea kayaking. Tune in below to learn more about Sea Kayak Adventures, and what... more
Baja Guides at the end of their ACA Paddling Skills Course Level II

Training Day: Our Baja Guides Take the ACA Level II Paddling Skills Course

by Sam Morrison
“Forward stroke into the eddy behind the rock, point the bow into the 8 knot current and a solid sweep stroke on the left and then paddle with everything I’ve got, throw a bow draw (duffek stroke)... more
La Paz Mission Baja California Chad Case

A Guide's Guide: La Paz, Baja California Sur

by Sam Morrison
La Paz, or "La Passion" as locals lovingly refer to it, is the home base for our Isla Espiritu Santo sea kayaking adventures, the start or finish for many of our sea kayaking & whale watching... more
Sea Kayaking near Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve in Johnstone Strait British Columbia

Diving Below the Surface of the Incredible Robson Bight Ecological Reserve

by Brittany Dern
Seeing a large black dorsal fin bobbing out of the water about ten feet from the shoreline is a little surprising, not to mention the five-ton body that it's attached to, swaying back and forth,... more


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