11 Additional Ways To Enjoy Your Baja Vacation

We are eagerly getting prepared for our 2014-2015 Baja Season and thought we would share with you 11 Additional Ways To Enjoy Your Baja Vacation! Our kayaking and whale watching tours aren't the only amazing things that you could be doing on your trip!


8 Amazing Tools For Your Baja Vacation!

When traveling, it's always great to have tools to maximize your experience. Here are 8 tools that we enjoy - most of which we use - here in the office, and tools that you can use in preparation for and while on your Baja tour!

7 Things I Packed To The Islands

You'll be far from stranded on your tour with us to the Islands of Loreto Bay in Baja, but why not have a little list of the things that seem to make many of our guests - including myself - a little EXTRA happy when traveling.

Baja Sweet 16!

16 BIG Things Our Baja Sea Kayak Vacations Have To Offer: Day Trips: Have you booked your trip, but have a few days to spare in Baja? No worries! We have seasonal day trip options in Loreto & La Paz. Enjoy historic & scenic trips that INCLUDE a hotel night! 

How We Make Packing Easy

When traveling with ROW Sea Kayak Adventures, we want your vacation to be as smooth as possible. This is why we've created an incredibly detailed packing list that allows you to check things off one by one to ensure that you'll truly feel prepared when heading off to your vacation destination.

The Secret Escape Vacation: Johnstone Strait & Surrounding Islands

Often times, we don’t see it coming; the once-in-a-life-time experience that will change the way we look at life forever. Even as we plan our next vacation, as set in stone as the itinerary may or may not be, we have no idea what might come of this vacation or what amazing places it may lead us to next.