The Whales Have Arrived

BC Canada - The northern resident salmon-eating orcas are back in Johnstone Strait, as per 2 whale watching day cruise boats in Johnstone Strait: Stubbs Island and MacKay

Favorite Things To Do - Vancouver Island

Nancy just flew home from Port McNeill after a pre-season meeting with Terry and our BC guides - we are super excited for the season to begin with such a great team in place! The area is as stunning as ever with still plenty of snow on the BC coastal mountains to serve as our backdrop of paddling the waters of northern Inside Passage.

Johnstone Strait - KAYAKING WITH ORCAS - July through mid Sept

Why this trip: 1. It’s home to the only orca preserve in the world Robson Bight; 2. The “Jane Goodall”of orcas (scientist Alexandra Morton has studied these unique orcas here for years); 3. The single best time and place in the world to paddle with these salmon-eating orcas when the salmon runs peak; 4. Sheltered location perfect for novices new to sea kayaking;