An Authentic Mexican "Barbeque": Homemade Tacos

If you find yourself at home craving a succulent taco, chances are you go to the store and grab the following items; tortillas, ground beef, taco seasoning, cheese, tomatoes, onion, lettuce, and maybe some beans to go on the side.

Training Day: Our Baja Guides Take the ACA Level II Paddling Skills Course

“Forward stroke into the eddy behind the rock, point the bow into the 8 knot current and a solid sweep stroke on the left and then paddle with everything I’ve got, throw a bow draw (duffek stroke) on the right and catch the next eddy to rest for a moment. A few well planned forward strokes back into the surging current, on edge I surf around to the next eddy…”

posing in front of Magdalena Bay

Living at the Magdalena Bay Whale Camp

Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." Here at Sea Kayak Adventures, we believe that our guests deserve to have the best experiences to understand nature. Imagine a unique place where everything comes together to understand the true value of sustainability, and best of all, in the company of gray whales!

Map of the Loreto Islands

Fun With 'Got Baja' Maps!

While on my Baja Adventure, I came across fun cartoon maps created by 'Got Baja?'. These maps were located nearly everywhere I seemed to look - grocery stores, shopping malls, airports, etc. What I did not know was just how many 'Got Baja?' maps there are and how wonderfully they illustrate the area that you are touring.

A Midnight Paddle on Christie Passage

After departing from the dining room full from an amazing meal of lamb curry and an abundance of laughter and good conversation we all headed to our cabins for a couple hours of rest before the infamous midnight paddle; half of us able to close our eyes, the other half waiting in anticipation for the bioluminescence twinkling under the light of the bright orange sliver of BC moon.