British Columbia Sea Kayaking and Whale Watching Tours

Kayak with orcas in the BEST spot on the planet: Johnstone Strait in British Columbia. Over 220 fish-eating killer whales congregate in this Vancouver Island Passage each summer to feast on the prolific salmon that are concentrated in the strait. The sheltered waters of Johnstone Strait create ideal conditions for any anxious paddler looking for a sensational British Columbia sea kayaking experience, as these waterways are generally calm, and host phenomenal marine life like dolphins, humpback whales, porpoises, seals, sea lions, sea birds, and a myriad of fascinating tidal animals as well as the famous orcas. 

In addition to killer whales and humpbacks, there are miles upon miles of forested shoreline where bald eagles perch and tall trees reach to the sky. In general, the birding on our kayaking tours is spectacular. Sea lions and seals swim in the waterways along with otters and a multitude of seabirds. Along this magical shoreline, we set up our camps beneath towering cedar, spruce and fir trees.  

Our camps feature stand-up, walk-in canvas tents, set up with cots for your comfort. The kitchen is set up underneath the trees while logs and stumps nearby make the perfect seats to accompany the kitchen. Temperatures are moderate throughout the summer months and our camps are chosen for their spectacular locations, and perfectly spaced out for each day’s paddling journey.

We offer a variety of trip lengths, from our 4-day orca or 4-day humpback base camp tours, to our 6-day Blackfish Waters tour and 6-day Broughton Archipelago Expedition.  

Additionally, we offer an exclusive lodge-based tour at God’s Pocket Resort – We are the only sea kayaking company on Vancouver Island to offer a kayaking tour based at God’s Pocket Resort. Set in an isolated bay in God’s Pocket Provincial Park, the resort features individual cabins, delicious meals, and is the ideal base for daily sea kayak explorations.  

Min. Age:
12 years. 9 years for Family specific dates
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British Columbia Sea Kayaking Tours

Blackfish Waters

Our signature 6-day Blackfish Waters kayak tour makes use of our three permanent camp set ups, where our standing-height canvas tents are set up for the duration of the season. Placed on cedar decks, the tents boast spectacular views of the sea. This trip spends one or two nights at the same camp we use for our orca basecamp tour and your chances of seeing both orcas and humpbacks is very good.

Broughton Archipelago Expedition

For kayakers with prior experience, we also offer a sea kayaking tour in Broughton Archipelago Marine Park, complete with a water taxi ride deep into the Broughton Archipelago and a 6-day paddle back to Johnstone Strait, BC. On this trip we spend about half our days in whale waters, and the other half weaving among the enchanted islands of the Broughton Archipelago. For two nights we set up camps in remote, undeveloped areas, so this trip has more of an expeditionary nature to it.

Orca Base Camp

If you are more interested in whale watching than kayaking, and/or you just want to kayak a bit less, then our basecamp tours are an excellent choice. We have semi-permanent camps in two locations. Earlier in the season, before the orcas or killer whales have arrived, we offer our 4-day Humpback Basecamp tour located on Swanson Island. This is a beautiful setting and we often view whales swimming, blowing, and even breaching just in front of camp.

From mid-July and onwards, our orca basecamp is the perfect adventure. On this tour our camps are set up just in front of an orca "rubbing area." This is a pebble-bottomed area of the sea where the orcas come to rub their bellies and sides, making our camp a fantastic place to whale watch. The water is quite clear, and it’s a real thrill when the orcas come by camp. 

God's Pocket Resort 

For those who prefer warm beds and real showers, our all-inclusive lodge-based trip at God's Pocket Resort is just a bit further north in BC inside God's Pocket Provincial Marine Park (rated by Jacques Cousteau as THE best cold water SCUBA dive spot in the world). Our God's Pocket Resort trip is designed for those who wish to experience diverse wildlife, marine mammals and kayaking without having to camp. This 6-day trip spends nights at the remote, tranquil resort and each day we head out for paddles and walks among the islands of the archipelago. Sea Kayak Adventures in British Columbia operates exclusive use of the lodge for our mid-summer kayak tours. 

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Why Kayak BC with Us?

Your vacation is our livelihood. Sea Kayak Adventures was born from the sheer love of sharing wilderness adventures with people like you. Our lives are devoted to creating the very finest kayak tour in British Columbia, which we have perfected since 1993. You itinerary is streamlined to maximize your orca and wildlife sightings and relish this natural world. You will be accompanied by charismatic guides who are knowledgeable, committed to your safety, and devoted to giving you memories you will treasure for life. Best of all, our respect for the wild orcas extends to our camping and touring practices. We operate under the strictest, “Leave-No-Trace” ethics. Even our Orca Base Camp remains eco-friendly without permanent structures or fueled devices, so you can enjoy the killer whales without harming their habitat.  Rest assured that on a Sea Kayak Adventures trip, you will leave BC as pristine as you found it. (Read More about SKA Sustainability & our 100% Carbon Offsetting)

Green doesn’t mean lean! Camping with SKA means “getting away from it all,” without “leaving it all behind.” Our tours in British Columbia are fully-catered with gourmet meals prepared daily from scratch like our fresh salmon bake, and daily happy hour with wine and hors d’oeuvres. We provide all of the camping and kayaking gear, from handcrafted fiberglass Seaward Southwind kayaks to easy-to-manage tents, sleeping bags, and sheets. You just need to bring your clothing! Read more about Camping Plus. Better still, all tours include a hydrophone so that when you see the orcas you can listen to their vocalizations while watching them breach and play in the Strait. Sea Kayak Adventures proudly adheres to all Be Whale Wise regulations.