Sea Kayaking in Antarctica

Antarctica. Just the word conjures images of immense icebergs, glistening glaciers and wildlife spectacles that are second to none. The Great White Continent has no equal - its extreme temperatures, soaring mountain ranges and sheer remoteness make it a destination for only the intrepid and those wanting to experience the final frontier in travel.

An Antarctic expedition will take you across the vast Drake Passage and past the wildlife-rich Shetland Islands before arriving in the breathtakingly beautiful channels of the Antarctic Peninsula. Slowly paddle through the icy waters by kayak as you watch as Magellanic penguins waddle along the shores and elephant seals bask in the sunshine. Daily zodiac excursions will whisk you to scientific stations where research is being conducted that will shape the wider world and enable you to step where legendary explorers have come before.

There is nothing that will prepare you for Antarctica’s grandeur and the humbling experience of bearing witness to this untouched land.