Camping-Based Sea Kayak Tours

Many of the places we visit lend themselves perfectly to camping.  For those that enjoy being fully immersed in our natural world, a camping sea kayak trip is hard to beat.  By camping we’re able to get into the wild, be more in harmony with the local flora and fauna and experience life in a truly regenerative way.

There’s a level of bonding and camaraderie that happens on camping trips that doesn’t happen in any other travel format.  Sharing the wonders of nature together builds memories that last a lifetime.  There are soaring eagles, gliding dolphins, hot sun or a sudden rainstorm, gazing at a star-studded sky and so much more!

We have several camping sea kayak tours and welcome you to contact us to discover your next dream vacation!

Min. Age:
12 years. 9 years for Family specific dates
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Baja Camping and Sea Kayaking

For those wanting to escape the cold of winter, our sea kayaking tours in Baja, Mexico camp on beaches where cactus are silhouetted in the moonlight and the rugged mountains of the Baja Peninsula make for a dramatic backdrop.  Warm waters invite swimming and snorkeling.  Our motorized skiffs carry the bulk of the camp gear leaving your kayak light and maneuverable.  We have several itineraries kayaking the Sea of Cortez and another on the Pacific Coast side of the peninsula.

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Galapagos Camping and Sea Kayaking 

In the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador we offer the only sea kayaking with camping tour available by way of an exclusive permit.  This unique and hand-crafted adventure provides a gateway into the Galapagos ecosystem like no other.  

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British Columbia Camping and Sea Kayaking

Summer takes us north to kayak in Johnstone Strait off of Vancouver Island.  Summer is also the season that brings humpbacks and orcas to these waters.  Our deluxe camps set in the cedar and fir forests of British Columbia feature walk-in canvas tents that are set up on decks with comfortable cots. Our camps are strategically place to maximize whale watching and viewing, allowing our guests to still enjoy the aquatic show even when we've docked the kayaks for the evening.  Our unique driftwood dining rooms and kitchen provide you with the most spectacular dinner views you’ve ever had!  

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