Lodge-to-Lodge or Lodge Based Sea Kayaking Tours

For many people, being outside in nature during the day while enjoying the comfort of a bed, hot shower and classy dining at night, is the perfect mix.  We are pleased to offer a good number of lodge-to-lodge sea kayak tours.  In many cases we design our tours with lodging in order to better understand the local culture and have more time to visit with locals.  We’re happy too that this model is a very positive economic benefit for a good number of local families and others.

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Compelling Corsica

Discover the enchanting beauty of Corsica, voted one of National Geographic's Tours of a Lifetime! Immerse yourself in this active, hotel-based adventure that seamlessly blends sea kayaking along the azure Mediterranean waters with invigorating hikes through the spectacular granite mountains of Corsica, including a segment of the legendary GR20 trail. Paddle through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Reserve Naturelle de Scandola, where red and orange-hued rocks meet dramatic cliffs, creating a breathtaking scene. Indulge in the island's culinary delights, savoring superb local cuisine and embracing the authentic "corsitude" with the guidance of talented local bilingual guides.

God’s Pocket Resort

Embark on a thrilling yet comfortable adventure with our lodge-based kayak tour in God's Pocket Provincial Park. The God's Pocket Resort welcomes us with charming accommodations and delectable daily meals. Experience the charm of this quaint island resort with sea kayaking basics, paddling sheltered waterways, and encountering marine wonders like humpback whales. Return to the resort for hot showers, freshly-prepared meals, sunset views, and campfire relaxation. Explore hiking trails or unwind on the dock with a book, greeting the resident octopus and river otters. This coastal escape combines adventure and tranquility for an unforgettable experience.

Quebec Kayaking

Explore the heart of French-speaking North America in Quebec, just north of Maine and Vermont, with our lodge-based kayak and walking tour. Glide through the mythic waters of Quebec's rugged Saguenay Fjord and explore on foot, discovering a unique ecosystem where high cliffs meet the mixing waters of the Saguenay River and St. Lawrence Seaway. From Quebec City, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to the historic trade route of Tadoussac, our exclusive exploration, blending nature, history, and culture, supports the local economy by staying in local accommodations, dining in local restaurants, and engaging with the community.

Scotland Kayaking

Scotland, with its breathtaking landscapes and rugged terrain, offers an enchanting blend of wilderness and vibrant history. From ancient standing stones to majestic castles shrouded in intrigue and rumored ghosts, the remnants of Scotland's colorful past are ever-present. The country's cultural richness extends to its world-renowned whisky, distilled for over 500 years, with more than 100 operational distilleries producing a variety of single malts. Embarking on an 8-day tour from the West Highlands, explore the finest sea kayaking areas, secluded bays, and the crystal-clear waters. Delight in wildlife sightings, from grey seals to basking sharks, before venturing back into the Cairngorms National Park for easy to moderate hikes, whisky tastings, and a culinary journey through Scotland's diverse and delectable offerings.

Three Country Kayak Adventure

Embark on a captivating "Three Country Kayak Trip" with Sea Kayak Adventures, exploring the hidden gems of Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania. The adventure unfolds along Croatia's stunning Adriatic coastline, with its terra cotta rooftops and ancient architecture. In Montenegro, paddle through the rugged and untouched beauty, visiting historical towns like Kotor and Budva, and exploring Lake Skadar. The journey concludes in Albania, offering a glimpse into its tumultuous past and architectural wonders, providing a unique kayak perspective on Europe's best-kept secret. History, nature, and local experiences are woven into the itinerary, with fresh cuisine and family-owned bed and breakfast stays.

Albania Sea Kayaking

Experience the unique blend of walks, paddles, and explorations with Sea Kayak Adventures' Albania Discovery trip. Throughout our journey, we are accompanied by local leaders who join us as special guests, providing valuable insights into this captivating region. Albania's rich history is evident in its ancient Greek and Roman sites, Byzantine churches, Ottoman-era towns, mosques, and bridges, creating a tapestry of cultural treasures. The landscapes are equally awe-inspiring, featuring a coastline adorned with sandy coves, wild lagoons, marshes, majestic mountains, and dazzling alpine peaks.

Sea Kayak Turkey

Explore the Carian Coast of Turkey through history, culinary delights, warm hospitality, and natural beauty that defines this magical country. Paddle the transparent Mediterranean waters along the Bozburun and Datca peninsulas, feeling like a modern-day Odysseus amidst the ancient tales whispered by each shore wave. Each day ends in charming villages with comfortable, local accommodations, offering encounters with some of the world's friendliest people and indulging in the rich fusion of tastes from the Ottoman Empire. Immerse yourself in the perfect marriage of history and kayaking, tracing the footsteps of renowned figures like Herodotus and Eudoxus, with a captivating finale at Knidos, where the legendary statue of Aphrodite once stood.