Sea Kayaking Tours in Quebec

It’s a wonderful quirk of history that we have old France in the new world, just north of Vermont and Maine.  Come discover the rich French heritage of Quebec, without having to cross the Atlantic!  Quebec is an immense land of mountains and water and an ideal location for sea kayaking.  There are stunning National Parks, spectacular mountains, free-flowing rivers and at the center of our adventure, the glacial-carved Saguenay Fjord.  French influence has of course extended to the local cuisine, which is rich in seafood and delectable desserts. 

We have both a lodge-based and camping version of our Quebec sea kayak tour, giving you a choice of how to explore.  Both feature walks among thick forests, marine life and the excitement of searching for belugas as we paddle in the fjord’s blue waters.

From Quebec City we travel north to the Saquenay Fjord where we start our kayak adventure at the western end of the fjord.  Each day we travel towards the sea, as the tides bring in salt water and the belugas often come with the tides to feed.  We are surrounded by cliffs of granite and a forest mix of hardwoods and conifers.  Our local guides share their knowledge as we paddle east.  If we are lucky we will see belugas close up as they come to check out our kayaks during their travels up and down the fjord. You might even catch a glimpse of a Peregrine falcon perched on the steep walls of the fjord. On our last day we reach the charming seaside town of Tadoussac after a private whale watching excursion on the St. Lawrence waterway.  Join us on this fascinating journey of wildlife, hiking, paddling and delightful meals!

An Audio Jouney in Quebec: 

Join travel journalist and podcast producer, Traveling Jackie, as she explores Quebec on our Kayaking and Camping trip through the Saguenay Fjord.