Sea Kayaking the Galapagos Islands

Embark on an unparalleled kayaking adventure in the Galapagos Islands with Sea Kayak Adventures. Offering unique experiences, the Galapagos by Kayak tour on San Cristobal Island provides an intimate connection with coastal wildlife, transparent waters for snorkeling, and exclusive beach camping. For a broader exploration, the Galapagos Unbound Tour combines cultural discovery in Quito with multisport activities in the Galapagos, unveiling the islands' wonders. As a whole, these tours present the Galapagos as a kayaking paradise, featuring diverse marine encounters, exclusive camping, and a journey to hidden gems that showcase the archipelago's unique beauty.

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Galapagos by Kayak

Sea Kayak Adventures offers the only kayaking tour of the Galapagos Islands that includes camping on the beaches.  Our Galapagos by Kayak tour is a truly unique and exclusive experience designed for those who want to experience the island in a natural, human-powered way.  No other trip offers such an intimate interaction with the coastal wildlife.  Taking place on the island of San Cristobal, we stay at two different beach camp locations.  When the sun sets and later rises, we find the place all to ourselves.  We visit Kicker Rock and snorkel in transparent waters that are home to rays, various gentle sharks, sea turtles and a bounty of colorful fish. The trip is six days and can easily be combined with visits to other islands.

Galapagos Unbound Tour (Multisport Adventure)

For those wanting to see more of the islands, with a greater mix of activity, we also offer our world-renown Galapagos Islands multisport adventure.  The trip begins in Ecuador’s capital city of Quito where we explore the cultural heritage of this Andean jewel.  Then we fly to the Galapagos where we kayak, walk, snorkel and revel in discovery!  There are two nights of camping and seven nights in small, local hotels.  We pioneered land-based tourism in the Galapagos with this trip that was featured in the New York Times travel section in January of 2006.  Beware of imitations that don’t feature our exclusive camping that is under permit from the Galapagos National Park.  We take you to places other Galapagos tours don’t go, and have created an itinerary masterpiece that flows from one highlight to another.  You will be inspired and in awe of the wildlife, hikes to volcanoes, beach camping and other found-nowhere-else experiences that only this Sea Kayak Adventures Galapagos Unbound tour offers.