“Sharing Nature – Enriching Lives”

Our Vision:

To provide life-changing travel experiences that have a positive impact on our guests, our staff, and the people and places we visit.

Our Core Values:

Striving for the high watermark

  • We continuously look for ways to learn and improve.
  • We seek feedback from our community of employees, guests, suppliers, agencies and others.
  • We provide detailed information about our trips in order to have informed guests.
  • We provide a high-quality experience for our guests while building trust and friendship with them.
  • We seek to fulfill guest expectations and to meet both expressed and unexpressed needs.

Bringing meaningful interpretation to our guests.

  • We encourage mastery in interpretive skills.
  • We provide resources for learning and expect guides to continually gain knowledge about the places we visit and the natural world.
  • We strive to set the stage for a personal odyssey of discovery and exploration.


  • Respecting Indigenous peoples and their lands that we visit
  • Respecting each other – our guests, our team members, our suppliers and our agency partners.
  • Respecting the Earth.

A Healthy, Supportive, Inclusive Work Environment

  • We strive to create a work environment and employee team that is inclusive, values people with different origins, life-paths and perspectives, and promotes and defends the humanity and dignity of all people.
  • We provide meaningful feedback to our employees.
  • We provide fair compensation, along with a sense of value and worth.
  • We strive for a balanced approach where family values are honored, and work schedules allow time, flexibility and energy for family and relationships.


  • We work to create an environment for the best people to grow and live their dreams.
  • We encourage and expect our team members to always be learning, improving and growing in terms of knowledge, skills and talents.

Conservation, Responsibility and Sustainability

  • We actively support and are involved with local, state, national and international conservation work.
  • We facilitate guest education and involvement in conservation issues.
  • We reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle at every level of our operation.
  • We donate trips and services to various worthy causes within our local and statewide community.
  • We do our best to operate our business in a socially responsible and sustainable manner.

Safety always comes before ego

We seek to have, and to share, fun and laughter

We strive to accomplish all of the above while operating a profitable, growing company that continues to create new opportunities for our entire community.

Update November 2023