Sea Kayaking and Whale Watching Tours

In the world of active travel there could hardly be a more exciting combination of activities that sea kayaking and whale watching!  With over 27 years of experience, no other adventure company is better prepared to offer you the thrill of sea kayaking with whales! We offer more whale watching-focused trips than any other sea kayak touring company.

We have sea kayak tours that are suitable for beginners with very moderate amounts of paddling, as well as those better suited for sea kayakers with previous experience. We are also masters at organizing custom sea kayak tours for small groups.

Min. Age:
12 years. 9 years for Family specific dates
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Min. Age:
12 years. 9 years for family specific dates
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Baja Sea Kayaking & Whale Watching

One of our flagship kayaking and whale watching tours is in Baja California, Mexico. We are proud of our eco-friendly whale camp set on the calving lagoon of Magdalena Bay on the Pacific coast.  This can be combined with sea kayaking near our camp on our Magical Magdalena Bay sea kayak trip that includes a night at our whale camp and then five days and four nights traveling through the protected waters of Magdalena Bay, with Pacific coast dunes on one side and mangroves on the other.

It’s also possible to combine a stay at our Baja whale camp with kayaking in the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez.  From January to April, we usually see whales as we kayak in the Sea of Cortez.  The biggest thrill is seeing the planet’s largest animal, the blue whale.  Sometimes in the distance and sometimes fairly close, nothing is more impressive than seeing one of these massive creatures.  There are also fin whales, minke and even orcas!  Few things in life are more exciting than seeing one of these giant and graceful animals swim alongside your kayak.

For those that want to experience whales on both sides of the Baja peninsula, another adventure to consider is our blue and gray Whale Extravaganza tour! This tour includes sea kayaking and whale watching on the Gulf of California side of Baja with an extra day devoted just to blue whale watching, and then crosses the peninsula for a stay at our gray whale base camp.

Our whale camp in Baja is operated under special permits from the Mexican government and features walk-in canvas tents with cots. We have a central dome tent where we enjoy evening presentations from our naturalist guides and if weather prevents eating outside, also becomes our dining room.  The camp is spread out organically among the dunes, with special sensitivity to the fragile dune environment.  

Another world-class wildlife experience we offer is swimming with whale sharks!  On our trips located near La Paz in Baja, you can swim with these giant, gentle animals before or after your kayak tour with us.  An amazing wildlife trifecta is to kayak, swim with whale sharks and then stay at our whale camp to see the gray whales!

Quebec Sea Kayaking & Whale Watching

In Quebec, where we offer our Saquenay Fjord kayak tour, we paddle with belugas, those gentle white marvels of the sea.  We are the only sea kayak company offering a lodge-based kayak tour in the Saquenay Fjord!  For those that prefer, we also offer a camping option.  On the last day of the tour, we include a special whale watching excursion on the St. Lawrence river as well, during which we often see several other species of whales, including minke, blue and humpbacks.  For the nature lover who wants a taste of France in North America, our Quebec sea kayak tours are true gems.

British Columbia Sea Kayaking & Whale Watching

On the western side of Canada, we have a full summer of sea kayak tours on Vancouver Island with a focus on kayaking with orcas and humpbacks.  We offer several itineraries from four to six days in length.  For those seeking a milder kayaking tour, then our base-camp options are the perfect choice.  In June and early July we focus on watching humpback whales at our Swanson Island humpback base camp.  In early July the resident orcas start to show up in Johnstone Strait and at that point we move to our magical orca base camp at Little Kai creek, where our walk-in canvas tents are set beneath towering cedars.  Our camp has the best location of any Vancouver Island orca base camp because there is a pebble rubbing area just in front of camp.  Orcas swim here specifically to rub their bellies and sides on the pebble bottom of the sea, and we often have incredible up-close views of these powerful blackfish right in front of camp.

For those seeking a more challenging sea kayak tour, our six-day Blackfish Waters trip is a great option.  On these trips we use three different base camps during the tour, making for a wonderful immersion into the islands in and around Johnstone Strait. 

If you’re looking for a lodge-based sea kayak tour, then our exclusive God’s Pocket Resort kayak adventure is ideal.  Each day we paddle from the resort to discover inlets and bays nearby.  The cold water is abundant with marine life.  By late afternoon we’re back in the comfort of our lodge, located on a remote island in God’s Pocket Provincial Park.  We often see humpback whales in the waters near the resort, and sometimes are lucky enough to also see orcas or killer whales.

The Broughton Archipelago is another mystical place off the coast of British Columbia and our Broughton Archipelago Expedition is designed for the kayaker who wants to experience even more of this special area.  We stay at some of our base camps in the Johnstone Strait, but then continue into the small island area known as the Broughtons, and set up expedition-type camps under the forest canopy.

Alaska Sea Kayaking & Whale Watching

Just north a few hundred miles from Johnstone Strait, we offer yacht-based or “mothership” kayak tours along the southeast coast of Alaska. These waters abound with whales and other marine life. For anyone wanting to experience the Inside Passage and the rugged beauty of Alaska, our Alaska sea kayak tour should not be missed.

Antarctica Sea Kayaking & Whale Watching

Antarctica is another classic wildlife destination, and we are pleased to offer Antarctica cruises with sea kayaking as an additional activity!  These active adventures also include daily forays onto the continent as well as zodiac rides, and even a polar dip.  Unlike traditional Antarctica cruises, these are unique in offering more physical activities that immerse you in this landscape and ecosystem like no other tour.