ROW Sea Kayak Adventures, founded in 1993, was born out of a passion for whale watching, sea kayaking, and wanting to share the experience with fellow nature-lovers. For over 20 years now, Sea Kayak Adventures has been providing unique kayak tours for active, outdoor-minded travelers, to world-renowned destinations and some of the most celebrated natural areas, including Alaska, British Columbia, Ba, the Galapagos Islands, Patagonia, Quebec, Scotland, Corsica, and Cuba. Each destination has its own unique wilderness experiences and most offer once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters. Travelers head home at the end of their trip feeling rejuvenated by their time spent in nature, meeting great people, kayaking amidst wildlife, and sleeping under the stars.

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The entire Sea Kayak Adventures team has a deep passion for what we do.  We are driven to provide life-altering travel experiences to all of our guests.  Our staff is motivated by our love for travel, our passing for helping others, and a deep commitment to service.  Meet our team HERE!

Customer service is at the core of everything we do here at Sea Kayak Adventures!  Impeccable service starts at our office, with extensive pre-trip information, communication, and immediate responses to your questions. Your reservation will include the full service of our Adventure Consultants, and this service does not stop once you book your trip; we stick with you through the booking process, to your return home, and beyond.  We’re here to guide you throughout the entire process, and ensure you have an adventure-of-a-lifetime! This service is continued on the trip by our superlative guides, who make every effort to make your vacation as enjoyable and memorable as possible.  We love what we do here at Sea Kayak Adventures, and the biggest part of that, is helping you have an incredible vacation!

At ROW Sea Kayak Adventures, we select the very best places on Earth to whale watch and sea kayak. And we don’t just watch whales; we join them! Many of our trips are in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and National Marine Parks, providing unparalleled whale and wildlife encounters, and calm paddling waters.

Kayaks are largely non-intrusive to wildlife, which means you’ll have a rare view of animals that normally scatter at the approach of humans and large boats. In sturdy kayaks, you’ll be at eye level with playful dolphins, inquisitive sea lions, and incredible whales. Whether you are an avid sea kayaker, or it is your first time, you’ll enjoy these incredible trips, and share in our passion for adventure, commitment to conserving the environment, and relishing unique experiences. For those new to the sport, kayaking is easy to learn in the sheltered waters that we visit, and we provide all of the camping gear, kayaking equipment, and guidance needed. In addition, we keep our groups small to allow you to not only travel intimately among nature but to ensure you receive the necessary attention from our guides.

Most of our guides are with us for the long-term, despite the seasonal nature of the industry. Our top-notch equipment, unique itineraries, and perfected operations attract extraordinary guides, many of whom are highly sought after in the industry. ROW Sea Kayak Adventures guides know their outdoor skills as second nature. Each trip has 2-3 guides to assist, inform and lead the way so you get the most out of your adventure. They love to share conversations, knowledge, games and laughter – and they’re great cooks!

At Sea Kayak Adventures, we take pride in our intimate knowledge and interpretation of the many destinations which we explore.  Our guides have a passion for sharing about the natural history, traditions and culture of these destinations.  They will regale you with entertaining stories, history, and information throughout your tour; adding to your enjoyment and appreciation of the destination.  Many of our guides hold degrees in marine biology, geology, anthropology and other related fields. We also pack in a small library of books and guides for your enjoyment while at camp!

We know that it’s our job to provide uncompromising comfort & safety and quality service & gear. We paddle ahead of the competition by combining our outstanding kayaking destinations with top quality gear and kayaks.  Sea Kayak Adventures will provide all of the gear you need – kayaks, camping gear, snorkeling equipment, etc – teach you the necessary skills to perform the various activities, and always have your safety in mind.

Sea Kayak Adventures ensures the quality of its risk management practices by participating in the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), risk management program.  NOLS is an organization with over 40 years of experience managing risk in wilderness environments. This extensive training has aided Sea Kayak Adventures in developing a risk management strategy for all levels of our organization.  In order to mitigate the inherent risks of wilderness and adventure travel, we continue to invest significant time into developing these practices.  Sea Kayak Adventures is and will continue to be dedicated to the peace-of-mine, health, and well being of our guests. 

Since 1993, we have created a class of camping all our own - "camping plus". With spacious tents, comfortable sleeping arrangements, tables and chairs, Sea Kayak Adventures ensure our guests live in comfort, even when their exploring remote areas.  Not only do we provide a comfortable home away from home, we put you on the best beach and campsites possible, ensuring that your wildlife viewing extends through the evenings!  We're all about truly "getting away", but not quite "leaving it all behind". It's a rugged adventure with some worldly amenities. And best of all, you'll receive unbeatable support and camaraderie from each of our guides.

Our renowned wilderness meals, prepared daily by our guides using fresh, healthy ingredients, include savory dishes like chiles rellenos, baked salmon, and vegetable lasagna. We even serve delicious desserts like brownies and pineapple upside-down cake! Each morning, we serve up freshly brewed coffee or tea. Throughout the day we provide an abundance of local fruits, vegetables, and other snacks. Wine and mixed drinks are served with hors d’oeuvres each evening for happy hour. We do our best to accommodate special dietary requests, working within the parameters of the destinations in which we operate.  “Camping Plus” is all about truly “getting away,” but not quite “leaving it all behind!”

While we provide certain creature comforts, we are all about practicing “Leave No Trace” ethics. Respecting not only the wildlife we encounter but also the environment we visit is of utmost. Rest assured you will leave the special places you visit as pristine as you found them. In 2013, we furthered our conservation and responsible tourism efforts by becoming the first kayak tour operator to join the Responsible Whale Watch Partnership. We represent the organization with just 30 other companies in an effort to raise the standards of whale and dolphin watching worldwide. See our sustainable travel page for more detail about our commitment to the environment and to causes that promote responsible travel

We make unique and meaningful trips easier for you by taking care of the details so you can just show up and focus on being totally engaged in your adventure.