ROW Sea Kayak Adventures and Responsible Tourism

ROW Sea Kayak Adventures has been taking responsible travel seriously since our first kayaking trips in 1993. After all, paddling a sea kayak is the ultimate minimal-impact approach to traveling. But we also recognize that any travel has an impact, so we do everything we can to reduce that impact.

When you travel with a company that is helping to address climate change, protect nature, and promote conservation, you are investing in your own rewarding travel experiences now and for future generations.

ROW Sea Kayak Adventures is committed to protecting the environment of the places where we operate our tours.  We actively promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of the natural environment to our travelers and we support local conservation organizations through donations including from our t-shirt sales.  We follow leave-no-trace minimum impact practices.

Here are more ways ROW SKA is moving forward in sustainable tourism best practices:

Releasing turtle

  • ROW SKA supports several local conservation groups in Canada and Baja.  Beginning in 2008, we stepped up our commitment to sustainable tourism by pledging 50 percent of our t-shirt sales to Grupo Tortugero in Baja, and to Save Our Salmon and Adopt-a-Fry in BC.
  • We employ local guides in BC and Baja.  In Loreto, years ago we hired instructors to train and certify Mexican sea kayak guides so they are on par with Canadian sea kayak guides.  In Magdalena Bay, we hire local whale watching/fishing guides to take our guests whale watching, thereby providing a viable economic alternative to fishing.
  • All of our guides are trained to minimize impact on the environment, follow wildlife watching guidelines, and teach travelers environmentally sound ways of enjoying the wilderness.
  • We were the first sea kayak company in Baja to develop and start using a porta-potty made specifically to fit into a double-touring kayak years before they were required by the National Park in Loreto.  We pack everything out of the park and back to proper disposal areas in Loreto.
  • We recycle in our office and at all our field operations, and donate used gear to various community programs.

We're going green - carbon offsetting

In 2007, ROW Sea Kayak Adventures became the first sea kayaking outfitter operating in Baja California and in British Columbia to become certified as a carbon-neutral company. In other words, starting in 2007, ROW SKA now offsets 100 percent of the energy used in all of its tour operations.

To achieve this goal, we first partnered with Native Energy, and now Sustainable Travel International currently, both organizations that aim to combat global warming through the support of community, farmer-owned and charitable renewable energy projects. We also welcome our customers to do the same, by going to the carbon calculator on this page to offset their own carbon usage when traveling (flights).

Operations Manager and former Sea Kayak Adventures Owner Terry Prichard states “We’re proud of the fact that most of our trips are inherently low carbon-emitting, but we wanted to go further to offset the impact of our tours, thus we are paying to fully offset the carbon releases from the vehicles and flights used to transport our guides and gear in our operations.

The projects we fund via STI help to create less carbon output, thus helping to offset ROW Sea Kayak Adventures’ own environmental footprint.  We encourage our guests to consider offsetting their own flights to any tour destination and contributing to energy conservation at home."


Healthy Seas

Our Healthy Seas program is unique in adventure travel.  Once you've participated in one of our tours, we will send you a link to our Healthy Seas questionnaire.  Here you can evaluate your tour with ROW Sea Kayak Adventures and then choose from a list of our non-profit partners and we'll make a 1% donation on your behalf.  You're not only helping us to improve our tours, you're also helping the environment!


Magdalena Baykeepers boat

Baja Conservation Groups We Support:

Magdalena Baykeepers
Magdalena Baykeepers was accepted into the International Waterkeeper Alliance in July of 2005 with the mission to conserve the natural resources Magdalena Bay. Magdalena Baykeepers envisions a healthy bay ecosystem that supports productive fisheries, sustains a home to migrating Gray Whales and endangered sea turtles, and provides a healthy, contamination-free resource to the local community and visitors.

Grupo Tortuguero
Each year we donate between $800 to $1000 from our t-shirt sales to Grupo Tortugero, a grass-roots conservation organization in Baja, to support their efforts in local fishing communities to protect endangered sea turtles.  When you purchase a t-shirt from us at your farewell dinner, $10 will go towards supporting Grupo Tortuguero.  Several of ROW SKA's Mexican guides, Charo and Vladimir, work with Grupo Tortuguero during our off-season in Baja.

Eco-Alianza de Loreto
Eco-Alianza de Loreto, A.C. is a nonprofit membership organization of environmental organizations and individuals committed to working collaboratively to protect and preserve the coastal, marine and terrestrial eco-systems of the Municipality of Loreto while promoting smart growth strategies and viable communities in the region.

British Columbia Conservation Groups

British Columbia Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program
The B.C. Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program is hosted by the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, a non-profit organization. You can adopt a wild killer whale. All contributions go directly to research and conservation of killer whales in the wild.

Save Our Salmon
The Save Our Salmon Initiative (SOS) was launched to protect B.C.’s important stocks of wild Pacific salmon which are essential to the ecological, cultural and economic well-being of British Columbia.  We support SOS with donations from our t-shirt sales.

An advocacy and information site about the dangers posed by fish farms to the wild salmon population in the waters off the coast.  Alexandra Morton is raising funds for a legal challenge to the Provincial regulation of fish farms. We support Adopt-A-Fry with donations from our t-shirt sales.

The northern Vancouver Island marine-based eco-tourism business operators have had a long history of cooperation and stewardship, having the mutual passion of protecting the salmon, eagle and orca waters of Johnstone Strait, and the desire to educate others while strictly protecting the resources. The association has developed and members are following strict wildlife viewing guidelines.

ROW Sea Kayak Adventures, Inc. is also a member of the following Conservation groups:

WCA: World Cetacean Alliance: As proud members of the WCA we pride ourselve on operating by the established Minimum Santandars for Dolphin and Whale Watching.  

California Gray Whale Coalition
Idaho Rivers United
America Outdoors
The Ocean Conservancy
Pro Peninsula
Nature Conservancy

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