Day 0

Arrival Day

Head to the northeast part of Moresby Island and the tiny community of Sandspit, BC (airport code YZP). Do ensure that you check in with Moresby Explorers upon arrival to confirm your departure tomorrow's tour. Once you've settled in, the day is yours to stroll around Sandspit...

Meal(s) Included: 0 (travel day)

Day 1

A bright and early morning heralds the start of the tour. Moresby Explorers will pick you up at the designated meeting time (usually 6:30 AM, but do check in upon arrival) and drive you to their camp on Cumshuwa Inlet. Your time on the water starts immediately, with a thrilling 2.5 hour zodiac cruise along the scenic coast of Moresby...

Meal(s) Included: L, D

Day 2

A peaceful sleep in camp prepares you for a hearty breakfast and a full day of kayaking. Your route hosts a breathtaking view of Yatza Mountain as you paddle the southern tip of Burnaby Island. As you emerge into the Burnaby (Dolomite) Narrows, cast your eyes to the colorful bouquet of underwater life in the shallow channel. Over 300...

Meal(s) Included: B, L, D

Day 3

The sun rises early, and you'll awake with it for a headstart to the day's adventures. You'll pack the kayaks after breakfast and then paddle across Skincuttle Inlet. As you pass the ancient Haida village of Hagi, on Bolkus Island, look north for a view of the Copper Islands Ecological Reserve. This area also holds an old...

Meal(s) Included: B, L, D

Day 4

Your southbound journey continues, and you will cross Collison Bay and continue past the Rankine Island Ecological Reserve. Collison Bay was one of the first European settlements in the Haida territory, and offers archeologists a unique opportunity to find artifacts...

Meal(s) Included: B, L, D

Day 5

The route to your campsite on Ross Island passes through the Hecate Strait as it flows around Kunghit Island. This day you enter the famous territory of Ninstints, home of the Kunghit Haida. Ninstints (or "Nan Sdins") was the last and most powerful chief of the Kunghit Haida, the ancient village you will visit Saturday bears...

Meal(s) Included: B, L, D

Day 6

The Houston Stewart Channel drives you toward the Pacific, and you'll continue your paddle West to Louscoone Point for your camp this evening. Today, you'll have the first view of Anthony Island, home of Skun Gwaii and the famous totem poles at Ninstints. The Louscoone Point campsite situates you for a short paddle to the ancient...

Meal(s) Included: B, L, D

Day 7

Today you visit Ninstints. A stunning paddle past Adam Rocks will allow you to land on the west side of Anthony Island. You will have ample time to explore this ancient site, which was abandoned in the late 1800s by the people of Ninstints (Kunghit Haida). You'll visit with the village watchmen, caretakers of the park's ancient...

Meal(s) Included: B, L, D

Day 8

Enjoy a relaxing breakfast and morning in camp as you pack your belongings for the return to Moresby Island. Moresby Explorers will collect you at Ross Island and ferry you back to Sandspit, where you will arrive in the late afternoon. On the boat ride, you'll enjoy a last look at this extraordinary wilderness area before stopping...

Meal(s) Included: B, L

Trip Details

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