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Kayaking With Killer Whales, The Spokesman-Review May 2007

May, 2007

by Andrew Bill - Special to The Spokesman Review May 2007 “It’s interesting to note that killers have a short, thick snout, similar to that of the Tyrannosaurus Rex,” explained Terry Prichard, with all the matter of factness one might expect from an ex-geologist. “Then there are the teeth. Fifty-two of them. Exactly the same number as the Dakosaurus Andiniensis, a giant sea crocodile with the head of a dinosaur, so savage, so ferocious, it dominated the seas 135 million years ago.”

Whale Watching in Baja California, USA Today Sept 2006

September, 2006

Whale watching in Baja California, Mexico By Josh Roberts Brought to you by USA Today, September 2006 Grey Whales Baja "It's the moment of a lifetime," says Terry Prichard, president of Sea Kayaking Adventures. Prichard is referring to the moment when friendly whales swim up and nudge the hulls of his company's motorized skiffs, which happens frequently during the four-day Gray Whales of Magdelana Bay trips that head into the deep waters of Boca de Soledad in Baja California, Mexico.

A Kayaking Adventure, The Associated Press November 2005

November, 2005

By Justin Pope - The Associated Press CNN, November15th, 2005 Grey Whales Baja ISLA CARMEN, Mexico (AP) -- Across the channel, the setting sun turned the sharp, desert mountains of the Baja Peninsula a dusty red as they plunged into the placid blue and turquoise waters of the Gulf of California. Darkness brought a brilliant, starry sky and perfect quiet, unmarred by artificial light and sound. This was why I had traveled so far from my home in Boston. This was truly "getting away." But not quite "leaving it all behind." I sipped my cocktail and devoured the succulent fish and tomato-and-avocado salad our kayaking guides had prepared. Few are the scenes in nature unenhanced, I thought, by a few carefully selected trappings of civilization.

Parents and Teens Pull Together, Seattle Times August 2004

August, 2004

By Linda Hagen Miller - Special to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer August 19, 2004 Sea Kayak Adventures We've paddled our kayaks to Little Kaikash Beach on Vancouver Island and are sitting on the rocks eating lunch when one of the guides shouts: "Whales!" A group of orcas appears in the distance, then another and another, rolling, splashing, black and white, the big dorsal fin of the males knifing the waters of Johnstone Strait. We jump into our kayaks and paddle out, bunching together as our guides have instructed. The whales are surfacing and blowing across the strait, gliding between fishing boats, when one group veers toward our cove. They're really coming this way ... they're within 100 yards ... they're so close we can hear them blow.

Paddling with God in your Pocket, Wild Isle Magazine Summer 2004

June, 2004

By Marie Savage - Special to Wild Isle Magazine Summer 2004 I was just back from a week-long white-water rafting/camping trip on the Snake River in Idaho when a friend called in a panic. Her husband was sick and she wanted to know if I would take her place three days later on a week-long sea kayaking trip off the northeast coast of Vancouver Island. I hesitated, thinking of my sand-laden sleeping bag and dirty clothes not to mention my sore muscles.

Sea Kayaking from Loreto to La Paz, San Luis Obispo Tribune June 2004

June, 2004

By Rob Mohle - Special to the San Luis Obispo Tribune June 4, 2004 Baja Sunset Do you ever get tired of reading about someone else's travel adventures? Tired of just dreaming about exploring endless miles of deserted beaches, snorkeling in emerald green water, and sleeping beneath a canopy of twinkling stars. Well dream no more, most sea kayak guided tours require little or no experience on your part, just the desire to have fun and immerse yourself in the beauty of the great outdoors.

Gray Whales- A Symbol of Hope, Times News April 2004

April, 2004

By Al Zagofsky - Special to the Times News of Carbon County Pennsylvania April 17, 2004 petting whale Since whaling was banned in 1946, the California Gray Whale population has rebounded from near extinction to a population that has been estimated to be as high as 27,000. Gray Whales are a symbol of hope for the world's endangered species.

Kayaking Inside God's Pocket, San Luis Obispo Tribune August 2003

August, 2003

By Rob Mohle - Special to the San Luis Obispo Tribune August 8, 2003 "Look," I said, pointing to the sky, "I see blue." "That's not blue," laughed Mary-Anne our guide, "That's a sucker hole." After four days of rain we were all ready for some sunshine. But in the Queen Charlotte Straits off the west coast of Canada, sunshine can sometimes be a rare commodity.

Exploring Nature: Black(fish) Magic, by Matt Davidson July 2003

July, 2003

By Matthew Davidson, Sea Kayak Adventures, Inc. Blackfish, aka Orca, or, more commonly, killer whale - a creature that inspires awe in we land-bound humans. "Blackfish" is what the coastal Kwakwaka'wakw band (First Nations peoples) in British Columbia call these sleek hunters, which are actually mammals.

Kayaking the Sunset Sea, San Luis Obispo Tribune June 2002

June, 2002

By Rob Mohle - Special to the San Luis Obispo Tribune June 7, 2002 Baja sunset It was a cold, dreary December day. The room was dark and the only sound was the gentle pitter-patter of rain. I stared vacantly at the gray computer screen deleting the junk email that had accumulated over the past week. Being an outdoors person, this was not my idea of a fun way to spend a Saturday. As I scrolled down the seemingly endless list one email suddenly caught my eye. "Imagine paddling your kayak with blue whales, hiking through forests of giant cardon cactus, swimming with colorful tropical fish and camping on remote beaches. Join Sea Kayak Adventures for seven days exploring the Sea of Cortez." Wow, this sounded just like the trip my wife Amie and I had been dreaming about.