Claudia Cristofari

Corsica kayak guide

Claudia Cristofari

Corsica Adventure Guide

Claudia was born in Corsica and did her studies at the University of Corsica. She always liked the English language and culture, so she started with an English degree. As the university is surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes of the island, it was during her time there that she realized how much she loved the island, its cultural and historical wealth and the diversity of its nature. As such, becoming a licensed guide was a very natural decision. 

Claudia's year of training allowed her to study various topics such as the history of the Mediterranean, art history, the Corsican culture, traditions and language, the island's fauna, flora and geology among other things. Her studies stimulated her curiosity and encouraged her to travel. 

Following her studies Claudia spent nearly a year in England improving her English before coming back to Corsica to start to work as a guide. Claudia has been guiding tours for over three years now and has found the work of being a tour guide is not only a job but also a passion. She loves sharing her passion and excitement for Corsica with all of our Guests.