Who goes on a Sea Kayak Adventures Trip?

People from all walks of life and all ages join our tours. We get a mix of couples, singles, families, and friends, usually between 25 and 60 years of age. On our Family departures we allow children as young as 8 and we’ve taken guests well into their 80’s. Some have never been kayaking or camping and others have extensive paddling and wilderness experience. Without exception everyone comes to have a good time and the variety of people and interests found on each trip makes it all the more fun. Our Adventure Consultants know that a primary consideration may be the mix of people on the trip, so we're happy to tell you who has signed up and help you choose a compatible group.

How do I know what each trip is like?

You can find a full itinerary for each tour on our website. If you still have questions, please call one of our Adventure Consultants at 1-800-616-1943 or e-mail us at info@seakayakadventures.com. We are always standing by with friendly advice.

What is your maximum group size?

To keep our group size small and our impact minimal, we typically limit our tours to 14 people of less. Our standard minimum to confirm a tour is 4 guests, however this may vary by location and tour.

Can I arrange a custom departure?

We’d love to help you plan a custom departure. We typically require 8-10 guests to set up a custom departure, however this may vary by location and tour. Alternatively, if you would like a custom departure for less people, we can always provide a custom quote. Bottom line, we are here to help you plan your perfect adventure! If you’d like to customize please give us a call or e-mail us at info@seakayakadventures.com

Can I join you mid-tour or leave early?

Joining a tour late or departing early is extremely difficult and can impact the entire group, therefore we do not advise this. However, it is possible in some cases, for guests to depart a tour before completion. In these cases, you would be solely responsible for all travel arrangements, costs and other logistics associated with departing ahead of schedule. Please consult with an Adventure Consultant before making a reservation should you feel this is necessary.

Are Airport Transfers Included in my tour cost?

For most of our tours, Airport transfers are not included. Many of our locations are serviced by reliable and affordable transportation options, which we will provide recommendations for in your reservation packet. These choices are not only an affordable way to arrive at your tour destination, they can often add an element of cultural immersion and excitement to your adventure. Our Adventure consultants are happy to help you with questions, however we are unable to arrange your ground transportation services.

What if I’m a single traveler?

Great, we would love to have you join us. We often have individuals traveling alone on our tours. Most of our groups are a blend of single men, single women, couples, and families, ranging in age from 20- 60+. Our groups tend to be diverse, and represent many locations across the globe. Whatever the mix of your group, the incredible experience that you will share, will undoubtedly create new friendships. Many of our guests actually choose to travel together again in the future, meeting up for a different tour or location each year!

Please Note: All of our tour prices are based on double occupancy. If you are a single traveler, and request individual accommodations, we will apply a single supplement fee to your reservation. If you are willing to share accommodations, we will pair you with a roommate, should there be one available, allowing us to waive the single supplement fee. For some of our tours we have a limited number of single accommodations available. A select few of our tours do not offer single accommodations, regardless of travelers interest.

Do you have minimum age limits for your tours?

We love traveling with kids and families! However, to ensure safe conditions and an enjoyable travel experience, many of our tours do have a minimum age requirement. Please check the tour page for specific age requirements. For some of our tours that lend themselves to easier paddling, we have family specific dates available. If you would like help planning a Family adventure, please reach out to one of our Adventure Consultants!

Who are your Guides?

We know your Guide will make the biggest difference on your trip! Which is why we pride ourself on employing only the best local guides for all of the incredible locations that we visit. Part of this is to support our eco-tourism efforts, but we also believe that there is no better way to experience a new destination than through they eyes of a local! We find talented and skilled local guides, train and certify them, and provide a positive and consistent source of income to them and their families. Most of our guides are with us for the long-term, despite the seasonal nature of the industry.

Our top-notch equipment, unique itineraries, and perfected operations attract extraordinary guides, many of whom are highly sought after in the industry. ROW Sea Kayak Adventures guides know their outdoor skills as second nature. Each trip will have 2-4 guides to assist, inform, and lead the way so you get the most out of your adventure. They love to share conservation, knowledge, games and laughter - and they’re great cooks!

What should I bring?

We always suggest packing light! What you will need will vary slightly, depending on what tour you elect. Our Adventure Consultants will send you a full packing list when you make a reservations. For the majority of our trips, all you need to bring is your personal gear, and our packing list will provide detailed suggestions. We take care of the big stuff: kayaks, paddles, pfd, tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, dry bags are provided on most of our tours.

What if I don’t have any previous Kayaking experience?

Whether you are an avid sea kayaker, or it is your first time, you’ll enjoy these incredible trips, and share in our passion for adventure, commitment to conserving the environment, and relishing unique experiences. For those new to the sport, kayaking is easy to learn in the sheltered waters that we visit, and we provide all of the camping gear, kayaking equipment and guidance needed. In addition, we keep our groups small to allow you to not only travel intimately among nature, but to ensure you receive the necessary attention from our guides.

Do I need to tip my guides? How much?

The decision to tip is entirely yours; however, if you feel our guides have gone above and beyond a tip is a great way to demonstrate your appreciation. Your reservation materials will provide details on suggested tipping amounts, which may vary depending on the location and type of tour you elect.

How long has Sea Kayak Adventures been in business?

Sea Kayak Adventures was founded in 1993. The Company was born out of a passion for sea kayaking, whale watching, and a desire to share incredible destination with fellow nature lovers. For over 20 years now, Sea Kayak Adventures has been pionieering unique kayaking tours for active, outdoor-minded travelers, to world-renowned destination, and some of the most celebrate natural areas across the globe.

What type of tours do you offer?

Here at Sea Kayak Adventures, we specialize in unique Sea Kayaking tours, exploring the world around us one paddle stroke at a time. We also offer multi-sport tours, that blend a variety of activities such as hiking and cultural tours with kayaking. All of our tours place an emphasis on wildlife and the local culture, unique to the destination we are traveling to. Our tours have a variety of activity levels, but novice paddlers and travelers are always welcome! We will teach you how to paddle, and our Adventure Consultants are here to guide you through the whole process

Where do you go?

At ROW Sea Kayak Adventures, we select the very best places on Earth to whale watch and sea kayak. And we don’t just watch whales; we join them! Many of our trips are in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and National Marine Parks, providing unparalleled whale and wildlife encounters, and calm paddling waters. We are currently offering tours to Baja, British Columbia, Ecuador, Cuba, Corsica, Quebec, Scotland, Croatia, Patagonia, Albania, and Alaska. We are constantly unveiling new destinations, so be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Why should I travel with you?

We've been inspiring adventure for over 20 years, and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon! Our team is motivated by our love for travel, our passing for helping others, and a deep commitment to service. This passion drives us to set the high water mark in the adventure travel business year after year! Find out more about the Seak Kayak Adventures difference HERE.

Do you offer a discount to repeat guests?

Yes, as a ROW Sea Kayak Adventures Alumni, you are eligible for a 5% discount on all future trips!

How do I make a reservation?

To make a reservation, please contact us by one of the following methods:

1) Call us at 800-616-1943 – Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 5:00 pm Pacific Time.
2) Send us an email at info@seakayakadventures.com
3) Use the “Book Now” tab found on some trip pages on our website.

We accept all major credit cards for the initial deposit. When we receive your trip application and deposit we will confirm your space and send you a confirmation packet including a suggested packing list. However, confirmation is not final until we also receive a copy of your completed trip application. Credit cards are accepted for deposits only – the balance must be paid by check. While it is often possible to join one of our trips on short notice, space is limited and we recommend you sign up well in advance.

What kind of deposit is required to make a reservation?

A deposit of $200 - $500 is required to confirm your space(s) within 10 days of your reservation. This deposit may be paid via credit card by calling our office at 1-800-616-1943, and completing a credit card authorization in your reservatin materials.

Please note: some of our international tours require a 2nd deposit of $500, due 120 days prior to departure. Payment terms and conditions, including due dates and amounts, will be clearly laid out in your reservation materials.

When is my final balance due?

Final payments are due 60-90 days prior to your departure. Exact payment terms will be laid out clearly in your reservation materials.

Please note: Reservations made after the balance due date must be paid in full at the time of booking. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if full payment is not received by the due date.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes a situation arises that causes you to need to depart a trip early or cancel your reservation completely. In these situations, we usually do not have time to refill the space. Yet, we have already spent considerable time, money and energy preparing for your trip. Because of our very limited number of seats, we cannot afford the financial loss that cancellations cause and do not provide refunds. Therefore, in deciding whether or not to buy this protection, please consider the investment you are making in your vacation and whether or not you could afford the loss of funds if you did have to cancel.

Can I purchase Travel Insurance with you?

Yes, and we strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance to protect your vacation investment. US residents may purchase protection directly through ROW Sea Kayak Adventures. The Travel Protection brochure describes the benefits of this comprehensive travel protection. Once you decide on coverage we can simply add the premium to your reservation.

What if I need to cancel my trip?

If you find it necessary to cancel your trip, you should notify ROW Sea Kayak Adventures in writing, by e-mail or phone immediately. If written cancellation is received (call to verify) before the final balance is due, you will be given a refund less the amount of the deposit. Deposits are not refundable. If cancellations are made on or after the final due date, no money will be refunded. If you are unable to go on the trip, you are welcome to find a replacement for yourself. Please understand that once you’ve signed up, we lose the right to sell your reserved space to other individuals or groups. Therefore, we regret that we cannot make exceptions for personal emergencies. For this reason we strongly recommend you consider purchasing the Travel Protection Plan ROW Sea Kayak Adventures offers.

Will I need a passport or visa?

Yes, US Citizen are required to have a valid passport when traveling to another country. We recommend ensuring your passport is valid for 6 months after your tour dates. For some of our destinations you may also be required to get a Tourist Visa; for these tours we will provide specific instructions in your reservation materials.

Do you book air travel?

ROW Sea Kayak Adventures is not a flight broker, and therefore does not handle any flight reservations. You may book air transportation for this trip though one of the many online booking sites, by working with a local travel agent, or contacting our preferred provider – Exito Travel at 800-655-4053 or online at wwww.exitotravel.com. This is an independent company that has wholesale agreements with several airlines and can often get very good fares. If you do book online or buy discount tickets through a consolidator, the tickets can be restrictive and you should review the booking conditions carefully. These tickets tend to have stiff penalties for changes or cancellations.

If the trip is full can I be placed on a wait list?

Yes, we can add you to a wait list for any trip. If you wish to be wait listed for a full trip, the normal deposit is required. If an opening occurs on the trip, you will be informed and automatically transferred to the trip roster if you wish to join the trip, subject to the normal cancellation policy should you accept the slot. Otherwise, your deposit will be refunded in full.

Why are some of your trips tier priced?

Our trips are budgeted for full or near full sign-ups which enables us to offer trips at the lowest possible price. Because of numerous fixed costs, it is more expensive to operate a trip for a small group. Therefore, on some of our trips, in order to avoid having to cancel a trip, we have a “tier-pricing” system to avoid canceling a trip with a low number of sign ups. We have found that most people prefer this alternative to having a trip cancelled. Thus, you will notice on our trip prices there is a different price for 6-8 people versus 9-10, versus 11-12. Tier pricing is calculated on the number of full revenue passengers.

Trip physicians, staff or guests of ROW (travel writers, trip leaders-in-training, office staff, etc.) are not included in the tier pricing structure. Trip costs quoted are based on foreign exchange rates current at the time of this printing. We reserve the right to raise the trip fee if there are exceptional cost increases beyond our control. We will initially invoice you at the higher tier price, and refund the difference depending on the final group size.

How far in advance should I book?

There are a lot of arrangements to be made for our active adventures, and some of our tours fill up a year or more in advance! If you want to guarantee your space and desired travel dates, it's always a good idea to book early! If you find yourself looking for last-minute space, just call us and check!

Do you offer Youth Pricing? Who is eligible?

Yes, on some of our tours we are able to offer a discounted rate for young travelers. For tours which we are able to offer a youth rate, children ages 16 and under at the time of booking are eligible.