Magdalena Bay Whale Watching

"The trip was fantastic, superb and wonderful. I wanted to see whales, and we were well rewarded from the moment we arrived at our campsite when a baby whale "greeted" us by breaching seven times in a row! Seeing and touching the whales was a very emotional experience for me"
Wayne Holter
After Baja Whale Watching
"The trip was above and beyond my expectations! I'd recommend it to anyone considering such adventure"
Susan Hillstrom
After Baja Whale Watching
"The trip exceeded my expectations! I’ve traveled widely, and this was one of my most sublime adventures to date. Nothing could exceed the experience of lightly touching a willing gray whale or seeing them spyhopping repeatedly right off our beach campsite. Also amazing: The delectable meals, the guides’ attentiveness, knowledge and humor, the guides went out of their way to take us on special side trips to bird perching areas and in search of a pod of dolphins. We certainly will recommend Sea Kayak Adventures."
Stuart Howard
Gray Whales of Magdalena Bay whale camp trip Feb 2007
"A heartfelt note of thanks for the most amazing trip. From my arrival in Loreto to our final dinner, everything was excellent, and so professionally handled. Never had I imagined how beautiful Magdalena Bay would be, how friendly the guides, how delicious the food, how awe-inspiring the whales and how unique the entire experience"
Sarah Tuff
After Baja Whale Watching
"I enjoyed camping so close to the proximity of the whales and their young. Each morning we would wake up to the sounds of their breathing"
Lois Suzuki
After Baja Whale Watching
"I loved the trip and it exceeded my expectations. It was an incredibly wonderful experience that I highly recommend to others. The whales are a definite highlight, but the relaxed pace of exploring nature and enjoying all aspects of it, from the bird life to the constellations, all make it a stimulating and inspiring experience."
Lisa Jensen
Baja's Desert Whales
"The whales were the highlight of the trip, but the rest of it was also great…it is a beautiful area and the guides were terrific. The most enjoyable part was watching the whales from our campsite and being so close to them"
Laurel Luby
After Baja Whale Watching
"This trip was an excellent investment of time and money. I would recommend Sea Kayak Adventures to anyone interested in exploring our natural environment"
Joe Palina
After Baja Whale Watching
"The group that participated in the whale watching were all overwhelmed with the experience and it clearly put an exclamation point on an otherwise fantastic trip and forever memorable experience"
Dennis Woods
"This was a great trip and fulfilled all our expectations. We had a great time and the whale watching was superb. Our three guides were the best we have ever had on a trip. They were personable, knowledgeable and friendly. The food was excellent and the happy hour was a welcome addition compared to other companies we have used."
David & Becki Sawyer
Baja's Desert Whales

Blackfish Waters Orca Kayak Tour

"SKA tours are "off the chart" wonderful. I don't know how you do it but you managed to have EVERY detail covered AND maintain an ease and peaceful "whatever you like" atmosphere at the same time. SKA clearly had approached the tour industry with the idea of "What would I want in my ideal trip as a participant" rather than "What would my idea trip as a guide be." Bravo!"
Walter Crinnion
"The trip was more than I could have imagined. It was, by far, the best adventure trip I have ever taken."
Shari Kleist
After Johnstone Strait BC sea kayaking tour
"We can't stop talking about the sea kayak trip to everyone now that we're home. It was a wonderful experience for us in every way. The guides, of course, were critical to its success. We are recommending this trip and your company very highly to our friends. Thanks for everything, from the personal and prompt attention during booking all the way through to the end. You guys are first-rate."
Paul & Ellen Biderman
"Here I was, kayaking for the first time and I'm 50! Apprehensively, I slid into the kayak and started paddling- it was the start of a journey that became one of the best adventures in my life."
Elle Andra-Warner
"It exceeded any and all expectations. It was one of the best trips I have been on and I have been all over the world."
Carol Singler
"We truly enjoyed this trip and consider it possibly the best vacation we have ever had. Your attention to detail, care of your equipment and planning is evident in the success of your trips. We are so glad you made our first kayaking adventure a pleasant, memorable one. Keep up the good work."
Bob and Elizabeth Mills
"We enjoyed seeing the orcas as well as the natural beauty and tremendous biodiversity in the area - I was very surprised by all of the intertidal life."
Bill and Annie Hopkins

Kayak & Whale Watching Combo

"What a wonderful trip this was! We had such a wonderful time on Magdalena Bay and the Sea of Cortez. The two weeks were very different, almost like two separate vacations. Both trips were magical in their own ways, although the days spent in the company of whales was perhaps the most magical of all"
Victor & Barb Zaveduk
"Just want to write to say how great your trips are. Wonderful staff, food that is too good! And the whale kissing was the best. All you guys are pros and it shows!! "
Paul Fisher
"This wonderful holiday exceeded all expectations and was a truly life-enhancing experience. Our guides, always friendly and helpful, were extremely professional in every respect. Organisation and communications were first-class throughout, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Sea Kayak Adventures to anyone thinking of undertaking a holiday of this nature."
Pat from Wales UK
"For our group the Baja trip was one of the most outstanding experiences we've ever had. I could go on and on. You have got some tip-top fabulous and most delightful guides. They are skilled, knowledgeable, kind and very wise about taking care of folks. You have our highest praise for the guides and for the trip planning"
Margaret Partlow
"I was impressed with the organization of SKA down to every detail. You guys really run a responsible, tightly managed outfit. I also enjoyed paddling alongside the dolphins and the whale watching excursion (I was lucky enough to pet a whale). The memories will last long after the Teva suntan stripes on my feet fade."
Lori Mayfield
"All three guides were exceptional. They did a great job of keeping the group informed, were very sensitive to individual needs and abilities, very conscientious about safety, enthusiastic, great cooks, wonderful personalities and helpful instructors."
Jeri Kyner
"I am at a loss for words for how magical this adventure vacation was. I was amazed by the high level of professionalism and quality from start to finish. I had an outstanding and life transforming time."
Beth Witrogen
"Thank you and your team for a wonderful Baja holiday. This trip was everything I imagined and more. The guides were fantastic…they did everything to ensure that we were having fun, eating amazing meals and seeing as much of this fantastic area as we could possibly experience. The whale watching was an added and unexpected bonus."
Beth Mollineaux
"It was my best birthday ever. The scenery was spectacular & the whales did not disappoint. Our guides were exceptionally kind, flexible, accommodating, relaxed & knowledgeable (plants, birds, sea creatures, & stars). The food was way beyond my expectations & abundant. I was even baked a birthday cake (right on the beautiful beach where we were camping) & served cold Champaign. I expected a lot for my 60th BD & this trip far exceeded my expectations. "
Alan M

Islands of Loreto Bay Kayak Tour

"The trip went way beyond my expectations. It was so great. Everything about it is a wonderful memory - the nature is just spectacular, the guides were great fun and very knowledgeable, the camping and kayaking equipment were superb and the food - were we really on a camping trip?"
Vanja Dukic
"Baja was more incredible and amazing than we could ever have imagined! We can't wait to go back! Thanks for truly a "best trip of a lifetime"!"
Terry Burton
"This was our first adventure vacation, and we were, naturally, a little nervous. The guides were extremely competent, and made us feel comfortable from the very beginning. I would rate this trip absolutely a five-star vacation."
Scott Curtis
"I truly could not have asked for a more extraordinary experience. I will be thinking of the turquoise-blue water, sound of whale breathing across the sea, sight of whales surfacing and breaching, and of beautiful Loreto, as well as the wonderful trust-inspiring leadership of our guides for years to come."
Sandra Morris
"I give this trip an A plus! It was a beautifully organized and everything worked like clockwork. All we had to do was show up and paddle. I can't rave enough about the food. It was delicious and there were lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Happy hour and fresh cake were definite treats. I would definitely recommend this trip to friends."
Ruth Kitchin
"As usual on SKA trips, now my fourth, the clients never ceased expressing amazement with the organization and each new exciting meal."
Robert Wallace
"The trip was excellent: the food, guides and scenery. Extremely well organized, easy transfers and great equipment made it all very relaxing, enjoyable and fun with zero worries."
Michael Weigel
"I have been home for a week from your Sea of Cortez Islands tour in Loreto Bay National Marine Park in April 2010, but my feet have yet to touch the ground. I can't put into words how wonderful our trip was. The beautiful backdrop, the knowledgeable guides and the interaction with nature was better than we imagined. We are already looking at booking next year's trip - watch for my emails. "
Lana & daughter Heather
"The trip was more than I expected. It was a total immersion in a wonderful place. Scenery, marine life & climate - all were intense. This was exactly the adventure I was looking for."
Janice Maves
"A paddling trip to Baja is a "must-do before you die” experience. I went with Sea Kayaking Adventures and it was divine beyond measure. Their attention to detail was so intense, the only thing left for me to do was paddle, enjoy fabulous food, and relax. Now that's what I call a vacation! I give it a 10 out of 10!"
Ingrid Hart
"The trip exceeded every expectation. On a scale of 1-10, this trip was a 20! From the initial reservation to the farewell dinner, every detail was handled professionally, promptly and enthusiastically. SKA is a tremendous organization."
Herbey Andrews
"This trip far exceeded my expectations. The location and wildlife were great, and the kayaking, which I had never done before, was a blast, but by far the most wonderful thing about the trip was the guides. All three of them are such special people: so knowledgeable, kind, funny, strong and on and on - just really great people that I am so happy to have now as friends."
Glasgow Phillips
"The food exceeded my expectations by far and I have 12+ years experience in the restaurant business. I was most impressed with the under water life. . . I saw an octopus, a spiny lobster, rays, sea cucumbers, jelly fish and hundreds of tropical fish."
Erik Sagerstrom
"On a scale of 1-10, I give this trip an 11. SKA is an awesome organization with friendly, knowledgeable guides and fantastic food."
Dragan Huterer
"This trip was a once in a life time experience! I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the wildlife and the food was good. I will be recommending this trip to everyone I know."
Doug Lindsay
"The trip was fantastic and it was everything we had hoped for and more. The group was great, the route was enjoyable, the food was out of this world and the guides were fun, professional and extremely knowledgeable about the local geography, biology and culture of the area. They were very accommodating and flexible with the schedule and our desires."
Dennis Woods
"The trip was meticulously planned. The guides were knowledgeable, friendly, funny, safety-conscious, and the food was delicious. I had a wonderful time, and I'm telling all my friends to go."
David Ellison
"I have not done any organized trips before, but I have a hard time imagining that anyone could do it better. This was a perfect combination of a wonderful variety of physical activity, spectacular scenery, education about the surrounding nature, superb food, relax time and impeccable organization."
Christie Hayes
"The trip was the most enriching and magical experience of my life."
Carol Thomas
"SKA is the yardstick by which I will measure all other tours!"
Carol Jackson
"The trip was perfect. I cannot say enough good things about the guides, the meals, the activities and hotel. We had the best time in our lives. Many thanks to your company for making this a special time."
Bert Jones
"All three guides were wonderful, so knowledgeable about the area and giving their attention to all kinds of details. They seemed very concerned about making the trip as enjoyable as possible for us. We enjoyed getting to know them very much."
Arthur Rosenshein
"The trip exceeded my expectations … outstanding guides, excellent food, well planned, beautiful location. The weather was perfect…blue skies, sunshine and warm temperatures with a light breeze. The kayaking and snorkeling were great."
Arthur Rosenshein
"Since this was my first trip of this kind, I really didn't know exactly what to expect. However, the whole experience was just great…the people, the first-rate equipment, the area & nature, the guides, the food was wonderful, plus the weather and traveling connections. I especially appreciated the equipment list you sent. It all fit into my backpack and I was ready to go."
Arlene Perry

9-day Isla Carmen Circumnavigation

"Your guides are really special people -- besides keeping us out of trouble, cooking wonderful food for us, putting up with our terrible Spanish -- they are just really, really great guys."
Terry Burton
"We thoroughly enjoyed the holiday and we are still talking about it as for us it was one of the best holidays ever. I can absolutely recommend SKA and we will be definitely going on another tour with them."
Marianne Wood

God's Pocket Wilderness Resort Kayak Tour

"The lodge was incredible. We loved every moment and would give this trip a 10 out of 10."
Sandy Williams
"Went on the best vacation ever with this company to "Gods Pocket" it was out of this world, wonderful guides, food and the scenery. I highly recommend this company. They are the BEST!"
Patti Janikowski
"The trip was great. We enjoyed kayaking in such a beautiful area, going out to see the orcas, the wildlife and great guides. The food was superb and we liked the attention paid to specific food requests. The lodge staff were excellent and very customer oriented. Having rooms made up every day was great."
Jim Gilliam
"I've been on lots of adventure trips and your guides are among the best."
Eugene Belogorsky
"We chose this tour for our family gathering because our 67-yr old mother would not have wanted to tent camp, but loved the kayaking and being pampered each evening at the lodge."
Connie Hvidsten
"The food was fantastic, guides were pleasant, helpful, energetic and fun. It was nice to sleep in a bed and have indoor toilets and hot showers -- just decadent! I think many people who don't especially enjoy camping and sleeping on the ground, would find this a great trip."
Carol King
"I felt like I was at a five star resort eating meals at the lodge. The chef was especially accommodating to people with special diets."
Barbara Yaschik

Loreto to La Paz Expedition

"Loreto to La Paz was such an awesome trip...the best kayak trip I have ever been on."
Rob Mohle

Yoga Adventure & Kayak Tour

"This was the best trip of my life! The crew was awesome; the guides were all very attentive and informative. Yoga in the morning and evening helped us stay stretched out and limber. Diane and her yoga expertise dialed into what we needed physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was magical. A highlight was watching the sun come up over the Sea of Cortez from a limestone bluff while the guides brought us coffee and tea – it was awe-inspiring!"
Evelyn Gelegonya Barbare
Yoga Sea of Cortez tour Feb 2007